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  1. You should be able to finish that Burgundy game if you roll back to a previous patch, no? Right click on the game in Steam -> Properties -> Beta and you can choose whichever previous patch you created that game on.
  2. New expansion looks dope, Ming had been needing some love for a while. The way the mandate of heaven was implemented before seemed pretty half-assed. Still waiting for Rights of Men to go on sale though, shouldn't be too long now that the new expansion is out... How is Japan now? I seem to recall that they were fiddling around with the Shinto religion and all that. Does it look like playing as one of the Daimyos is a bit less of a hassle now?
  3. I am weight and can carry my competence, you should add me
  4. Well isn't that helpful, you were both correct. Forgot to add a ',' in an array declaration and didn't rename xvm.xc. Thanks!
  5. So I've done a few basic edits (autologin, 2 carousel rows) to the vanilla config but they don't show up ingame. That's after relaunching the game a few times. Any idea what's up?
  6. Hello fellow fellas. Some of you might remember me from a while back, I used to play this game too much and too seriously so of course I ended up burning out for a year or so. After sperging around on historical sims I found myself longing for some PvP action again and so here I am, all premium'd up for a month. I'll be honest, I don't even know if my renewed interest in the game will last this long, but I'm hoping finding the right community to tonk with might help in that regard. Here's what I'm looking for in a clan, right now : Filled with players who, on average, are better than I am. Improving is one of my main sources of motivation and satisfaction when gaming, and it's harder to improve when you're not playing with better teammates.NOT CW focused. I have a very thin CW arsenal at the moment (see signature). I don't want to be pressured into getting more Xs. I don't want to commit to X nights a week to play tonks. In the same vein, mandatory attendance to whatever is a no-go. This might change as I pick up more Xs (at my own pace), but for now that's where I stand on CWs.Mature-ish community. Maybe don't have your reputation in the gutter. Don't whine too much? Don't be one of those clans that everyone hates because reasons? Something like that. Ideally, I'd like a clan based around the idea of a tight-knit community, but I feel like that's quite uncommon in WoT so my expectations are quite low for this one.Doesn't frown upon silent platooning. I have a shitty laptop mic and I tend to play with people around (roommates mostly), so I don't really want to have to lock myself up in my room every time I want to pad my WR. I enjoy using TS every now and then, but I don't want to have to use it every single time I platoon up, nahmean.Strongholds? Skirmishes? I stopped playing during the patch right before all this simcity nonsense was introduced (maybe not skirmishes but I still have no idea what these are anyway) so I don't know how i feel about them. I'd like to try it out though, see what the fuss is all about.Here's what I have to offer : Maturity & straightforwardness. While I do like to fuck around with pubbies and whiners (especially if I'm solopubbing), I'd rather shut up and do what I have to do when I'm playing with people I respect (ie purples). I'll listen to better players when they tell me what I did wrong. You don't have to tiptoe around my feelings, you don't have to stroke my ego, just feed me the feedback and I'll cry myself to sleep later.I mentioned I didn't want mandatory attendance, but I'm actually quite active if I don't have to be. Pressure is a turn off.My Crusader skills are top notch. I'd probably be green if I didn't pad so much with it.I'm never the guy whose mic is on and doesn't realize it.I have good taste in music and TV shows.My native tongue is French, so I can expand your horizons on Molière's tongue beyond ron ron le baguette, omelette du fromage and other equally meaningless expressions. Also some people find my accent entertaining, which is okay with me.I have a (relative) wealth of knowledge on subjects as fascinating as birds, hockey, history and cooking, among other things. I make a mean chili.So that's that. Hopefully there's at least one clan out there that fits the bill, otherwise I'll keep carrying on as a clanless pubbie. Happy tanking, gentlesirs and gentleladies.
  7. Try classical music. It's a great mix of both serenity and hype. Also helps you relax in general.
  8. I recently came back from a year-ish long break, everyone I used to play with seems to have vanished. Hit me up if you need a toonmate. Cheers.
  9. "Disappointing" clans usually imply some sort of expectations that weren't met. I don't think TEX_2 has ever had any expectations from anyone in the history of forever.
  10. The KV-5 is a terrific moneymaker, don't let the poor AP rounds fool you. The reason why it makes so much dough, on top of prem bonuses, is because you're almost certain to dish out some damage regardless of what happens to your team unless you're playing a wide open map with artillery presence. You're big and tough and if you hide your weakpoints well, it's going to take a while to bring you down even if you're outnumbered. The KV-5 is one of my best XP/G tank, not beacuse I'm particularly good with it, but because I almost always pull off my HP in damage even with trash tier teams. 60k credits income is pretty standard and should be what you aim for - good games will easily net you upwards of 100k. Even if you use APCR rounds, you're usually in for a fat profit margin as long as you make sure your gold ammo pens.
  11. Is it though? We're far from spotless, I know we have a certain number of people that rub others the wrong way (and rightfully so), but this is pretty much common to all QC clans from my experience. Having higher standards is literally the only thing that sets us apart from other QC clans and it also happens to be the frequent subject of trashtalk directed at us. Because trying hard is for dorks, obviously. I mean, this just goes to show how little clan reputation matters most of the time... People will go out of their way to find something to bitch about, the clan tag is only one among many others.
  12. From my experience, most of what everyone has said here is true. I might add that the way you act and the things you say have a much bigger effect on your clan's e-rep than the other way around. It's quite challenging to remember the name of every asshole you meet, conversely it's much easier to look at someone's tag and think "oh look, -G-/DOS/TYR is raging again, what pubbies". This is why I downright hate it when people with whom I share a clan tag start acting like dicks, it makes the clan look bad which in turn makes me look bad. That said, saying the clan you're in has 0 effect on your e-rep isn't exactly true either. Ever since I joined TYR, I've had gaggles of Quebecer pubbies trashtalk me because of my tag. We just happen to be the only French Canadian clan that hates losing, so I suppose that makes us elitist pricks in the eyes of most of this fine province's outstanding citizens. It's up to you to decide whether the hate is warranted, and whether it's enough of a factor to make you reconsider your stay in whatever clan you're in. Fuck what other people think, yes, but at the end of the day there's a reason why everyone hates DOS.
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