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  1. I understand what you are saying. But when I grind arty 3moe I play only arty and I play it for 3hr at a time. I watch map forecast before I play just so I do not waste time and credit.
  2. with the BL7.2, FV3805 becomes something comparable to the obj261. I liked the bl7.2 over the 6pdr. Arty is most susceptible to unstable ping (higher ping comes with more unstable ping) due to the highest turret traverse dispersion value. Server reticle is significantly worst than local reticle for arty than for other tanks, so turn on server reticle whenever you play arty. I tried to reason this to many people, but no one listened.
  3. 1. shoot whenever you are ready. no prioritizing. don't try to be smart. 2. use battle assistant to improve aiming first. if you don't like the rng, play obj261 only. 3. I thought you dont like RNG. For people who like AP do a little math pliz. Whether you use it or not all depends on the expected damage of AP and HE, which then depends on your skill and firing distance. I am confident in saying this because this is what I think about when I play the M44.
  4. The only post-nerfed low tier arty I played was the M44, which was nothing like other low tier arty. Watching my high tier replays would help a little, but only marginally. I do have t92 replays in youtube that you should definitely watch(search t92 3rd mark last 30 games), even though they were recorded when I was not nearly as skilled as I am right now. Here are some comments: First of all I do not use any uncommon locations for common arty, except I try to get into close range (~550m) in most maps (exception being mountain pass and westfield), which matters the most. Second I took gre
  5. Even with BIA and cola I would say 3/9 pen is above average. I am currently the #1 recent dpg on M44, but still I feel like I can't be reliable in it. I do fire within close range (<500m) because .8 accuracy really does not work at longer range, and I fire almost heat only. I don't think you can improve the hit ratio, unless you could discover some rare TD spots on every map to be able to fire within 350m. However I think there is great damage potential for this cute little spg. If it is damage that you want, platoon with t6-7 scouts and T7-8 tanks. High tiers are bigger and slower.
  6. i will make videos like the t92 last 30 games compilation.
  7. i'm a college student and i seriously need your cooking advice.
  8. even EU knows chai lol its fine just pretent I never had one, cuz I quit it after 3 marking the disgusting GC. dont play it. its a fucking disgusting POS. its as easy as making the arlv39 or the amx40 work. keep playing the m44 until you have enough free exp and 5 skills crew and skip it.
  9. dude i just platooned with you a month ago. of course i do you dumb. oh maybe not you but definitely ar15
  10. there used to be one mission for cb. WG changed it last patch.
  11. I would advise you to never do cb. cb is a waste of time with little return on average. NA games are so fast paced that I feel like there is no time to do cb. time is just too precious. in today's game format arty does not contribute much to a victory, making it even less meaningful to do cb, plus any reasonably good artillery would dodge a counter shot immediately, which means you would not be countering the useful arty anyways. Trying to hit a spotted tank is so much easier, if it is damage that you want. I have no real advice to cb, since cb is a simple task that's been in the g
  12. 261 has the most miserable low tier grind, all POS except for 14-2. GWE line are all decent. use 100% crew and run food if you can. as a matter of fact t92 has the best grind. all low tiers are above average except for m12. I have no xvm and I never do xvm snipe. I shoot at pretty much anything whenever I can. I do focus people at the advantageous position more, regardless of their xvm. usually it's the position that matters the most, not xvm. With that said, tho, I do remember every purple players in my mind, which is why I don't need xvm. And purple players are usu
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