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  1. If the tank's turret was better it would have been a very good premium tank, but as it stands its very average. I tend to only really look at premiums for money making capability, and while it's decent the low penetration of its main round hurts that capability especially since it is not a pref tank. Despite its pen, it still seems workable but that's just my opinion. I got this tank for free so I cannot complain too much about it, it's a nice alternative when my better money making premiums are in a battle. It's not worth real money though.
  2. Bro, this and the entire thread made me laugh my ass off. Never realized just how silly people got over this stuff. Honestly this was a pretty good troll, if only the changes were even more silly. Oh no I dropped 100 points in overall temporarily for 2 weeks, better flip my shit on the forums. Oh the humanity.
  3. @MarcusFlash Do you believe that a player is either good or bad?
  4. I started from game release, at a time when the game was basically a discovery process for everyone playing. For about 1 Year I played casually while studying at university, platooning in a no name social clan. I was a pretty average player that did not take the game seriously, goofed around, and bought way too many prem tanks. It was not until about 15k ish battles in going onto the second year that I got bored and wanted to do clan stuff, competitive things etc. I looked at whatever clan I was near the requirements for, did some evals for them and got in based on an old friend 'A
  5. Have not posted here in a bit.. but wanted to share this! hope you guy's find it entertaining.
  6. simple answer no it wont change, unless they update tank values
  7. Hey Never, is there a way to know this is happening other than jumping onto the wotlabs page? like a notification? I have noticed random jumps in concurrents lately and I am guessing its this Wotlabs feature thingy but I am not sure.
  8. Yeah tankthief it totally is, infact when I stopped worrying so much about everything I loosened up quite a bit and actually improved somewhat. I am still bad tho :3 but yeah I enjoy the game more being less serious all the time. Even when I take months off or longer I get back and it takes maybe a week to re adjust.
  9. You mean the battles at 144 right? wotlabs can take a little bit to update mate. Anyway the low wn8 with small battles does not really matter as its such a small percentage of your total battles that it wont really make any difference. So dont worry
  10. GLD will only be useful on tanks with very large aim times that usually have to sit still when reloaded to zero in a shot on people for instance IS3, E100, IS7, 183.. and so on. Because that moment where you sit still to aim in needs to be as fast as possible for obvious reasons. Example in an E100 when you go to shoot somebody you are flattening the front of your turret so you want that time to be as short as possible to avoid being turret penned.
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