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  1. But I'm only at the Pershing. Why?
  2. Ay. Looking for clan. For this campaign thing. That's it. Add me in game if you want my dek pix,
  3. Lol. Shots like that still happen when I use server reticle... I can tell the turret is desynced all the time. I play on 120ms ping most of the time. So when I move the reticle it takes time for the turret to move.
  4. What's the difference with server reticle on or off anyway. People told me to keep it on if you have more than 100ms or stuff like that.
  5. Back to the top of a forum no one reads except smart people.
  6. I stream but I don't help others. Kappa
  7. Is it even worth bumping here? I'm not smart.
  8. I ran GLD+Rammer+Vstab for the first 10 games. Then I realised I made a mistake since I have a 3 1/2 skill crew so I switched to Vents instead GLD.
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