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  1. thank you to all those who took the time to answer the question! I should have been more specific when I said I was only cared about which line to take, not which tier 10 medium to get, as this has caused YET ANOTHER 140 vs t-62a argument. p.s how do you update your wot labs stats? I know I said I was new but these are still WAY outdated.
  2. i am considering the LT line simply to get the t-54 lightweight, but i will probably take the A line
  3. thanks for the tip! my main concern however is not which tier 10 to get, but rather which line to get there, the A line of vehicles, the T line or the light tank line.
  4. dear purples, I have recently decided I want to work my way up to the soviet tier 10 mediums, but I am faced with the problem of deciding which of the three lines I want to take to get there. as a fairly new player (4000 battles, 1k wn8 50% win rate) I am aware its going to take some time and if necessary money. to minimise wasting these commodities I politely ask if those with experience on the subject could share a degree of it with me. To give you a better idea of my current position, I have already ground up the British medium route, but find the experience of long range sniping
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