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  1. Thanks for that. I bought it, only played a handful of games in it, but it's a nice little tank. The gun handling is nice, acceptable top speed(acceleration is a bit sluggish, but I have a potatoish crew, apart from a good commander), decent camo and it has a turret. Definitely has a Type 62 vibe about it. My "biggest gripe" is the reverse speed, dear sweet (insert deity here) it feels so bad.
  2. Sorry for the scrub-lord question, but what number would you consider "enough" on this thing? A more, in general answer to the question would be fine. I think I'll buy the T78, it looks like a fun little tank :-)
  3. Fuck me that was long. But that is some seriously good content, thanks Kolni, excellent article. I'm with Haswell, someone needs to sticky this. I will probably read it a hundred times
  4. I have no issue with any of the changes they plan to make. All of them start with "reduce", reducing anything arty can do is a good thing in my opinion. They forgot one crucial parameter though... ONE.CUNT.PER.TEAM! I think removing arty is never going to happen. I think the changes suggested plus one of those cunts per team is the best we can hope for.
  5. Didn't see a thread on this. If this is posted elsewhere please delete and feel free to hurl abuse my way. So they are going to drop it as a test sometime soon. They will not say when exactly so the will get the "best data", but it will be interesting to see how this works in reality. Anything that improves a game at tier 8 is welcome I suppose... https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/03/09/get-ready-to-try-out-the-new-matchmaker/#more-69377
  6. 2300 tanks in the queue for Frontline and I get timed out after 3 minutes. Fucking useless cunts WG can't match 30 v 30 tanks...

    1. zbran


      Make that 6 fucking minutes in the queue and 2 times outs!

    2. Action


      thats what you geth when you pay your siberian developers with cabbage and window cleaner in wodka bottles... im not even mad anymore... im just sad about myself still playing

    3. MacusFlash


      It looks like they limited amount of games of Frontline on server at the same time. Why? To save their potato servers from burning to ashes.

  7. I may be an outlier here, but I only use female crew members as Commanders. Unless they have changed it again, SOS and BIA now work together (so you get the perk with a mixed crew). If I'm starting a new line, I basically start with a fully trained 2 skill commander with 6th as the fully trained 2nd skill. I can deal with a potato crew at low tiers, but I struggle without 6th. By the time you get to the business end the tech trees the rest of the crew are pretty solid skill wise. :-)
  8. Soooo, I got a message when I loaded into the game this evening. "you have unused rewards please use before 1.4" Or words to that effect. I selected which tanks to apply the bonus to. Do I also have to assign the girl crew members? I vaguely remember from last year that you keep them, but as always WG's potato communication doesn't make it clear..... Just said I'd ask here to save myself from having to visit the main forums.

    1. sohojacques


      No expiration on unassigned crew according to the EU website:


    2. sundanceHelix


      Thanks, was wondering about this as well. Perhaps it's just a catch-all reminder when it detects any reward (tank discount,  crew etc) that hasn't been assigned

  9. It's just as bad on the EU servers. I like how, when you select a tier 8, you get the above results. Then you say fuck it and play a 10, then you get noting but constant all tier 10 battles, with 7 bush humpers and 3 arty per side.
  10. I bought 11 of those Christmas boxes last night. Got that French OP arty and the IS3A. Man the IS3A is broken as balls! What the fuck were WG smoking when they came up with that!?!



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. zbran


      48 minutes ago, Ham_ said:

      I got 150 and only got E-25 and Defender once lol, on a side note though I can buy every single advent calendar tank.

      I must have gotten really lucky with my boxes then :D


      Did any of you get the Santa crew member? He has 2 skills pre-trained. BIA and 6th..

    3. Ham_


      Yep, I have everything bar IS-3A. Already had skorp but didnt get it again.

    4. monjardin


      I did get the Santa guy that I really wanted and the 4 camos.

  11. Ok, what the actual fuck?!



    "Mission completed! Reward:
    Bonds added: 5,000

    Vehicles added: T-50-2 (crew 100%)
    Credits added: 5,000,000
    Slots added: 1
    Emblem added (x6)
    Style added
    Service Record: For 6 years of service"



    1. NightmareMk9


      Yeah, considering how cheap they have been over the last year or so, its a VERY nice free gift.

      It also shows we have no life to be here for this long

  12. I would agree with that, but the T55A is a prem, and to be fair most tier 9's are shite compared to the T54. It looks like it's getting a significant speed buff for a couple of insignificant nerffs, along with an armor buff. What do the experts think?
  13. They buffed the T55A?!?... Ok I wasn't aware there was something wrong with it, fenks Serb.
  14. As much as I loathe giving WG any of my money, the other day they gave me a 30% off coupon.. I just couldn't resist buying the Super Persh. I've only had a few battles in it but it feels like a solid tank. The armor is good. Decent gun handling, solid standard round and a very usable gold round, the cammo is good and the view range is acceptable. So you get all of the above and you don't see tier 10's for 19 euros.. A pretty decent deal for once.

    1. Masterpupil2


      Was also a really good deal after they nerfed it years ago a couple days after I bought it and then let people refund later on for its' full gold price instead of buffing it which they did years later anyways. WG.

  15. It happens quite frequently. I don't run xvm but it say 4 or every 10 battles I'd get focused and I'm fucking useless at this game! I'd notice it in certian games that I'm get shit on constantly and after the game I'd check the stats. Low and behold I'd be the "best player" on the team statistically. I was tooning with Vindi a few weeks ago in tier 8's, we ended up in a tier 10 game. We were in the centre of that ice map humping the ridge, popping off shots at the enemy crossing. The IS7 on our team drive's right up over the ridge and sits there trying to hit target
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