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  1. So 3 games in the 430U. W1/L1/D1 and got MT15 for the T55A. Sweet. Am I right in thinking that male and female crews can now mix and BIA/SIS works? If so then it's a no brainer not to make all the females commanders no? I can put up with potato crew members as it doesn't really take long to train the up, 6th is by far the most valuable skill, at least for me anyway.


    1. TAdoo87


      Yes you can mix them, and it makes sense to put them as commander. There is already crew role retraining so you can change it later on.

    2. zbran


      Thanks for the confirm. I'm raging now that I wasted 3 girls finishing my E50M crew from the Xmas crews :-(. Still I have 4 unassigned girls in my barracks and they are all going to be commanders.

    3. Errants


      I've been slowly reworking a LOT of my crews. Recently did a respec in DE and USSR, every lady is a CO now. Makes sense, since they're nation locked, put them in the most skill intensive slot.

      Also merit in using full zero-skill BiA personnel for 3 man crews, as they've got more skills for less people.