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  1. Get in! Level 10 in ranked battles! I stated 2 chevrons away from rank 10, lost the first 2 along with 2 chevrons.. I decided to tighten the belt on my man pants and carry on. The next game was a decent round for me and I picked up one chevron.

    The next map was Lakeville which I absolutely owned, even after I lost about half my HP crossing to the city from the south spawn. Got smacked by a 907 and a 268-4, both were out of render shots as I was humping the edge of the map to avoid getting hit. I still went on to fucking own their asses in the city! 5 kills and a shit load of damage. Ended up with 1150 base XP. I think I'll now retire from ranked battles...

    But probably won't:kappa:

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