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  1. Thanks for the welcome; all good advise too! Outside of a couple things, nice to get confirmation that some of the things I've been doing recently are in that list; I've been paying attention to how many people are headed the same way I am, and if not, then rethink wtf I'm doing. Anytime I even think about the map I make myself look at it; definitely has started to reduce how often I get a barrel in the backyard. Snap shooting too; been angling my camera so I can exploit the moments when attention gets divided, and scooting around to do the annoying myself when I get too much attention. Patience...... working on it, along with conserving my HP and generally making it to the end. I know I make decisions based upon how many enemies are still on the field, assuming 'they' do they same then being alive with 1 HP is better then being dead! Cheers!
  2. Hello, lurking for a month or so, thought I'd say hello and thanks for the great info I'm finding here. My WN8 is shit, but improves daily, all thanks to the info I read here and my desire to not be horrible. If you see me in game, Matches42, and I'm about to do something stupid, please yell at me.
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