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  1. Westfield - 27 Nice map when the team are balanced in number of heavies. Medium and lights can still perform pretty nice on the east, heavies on the west. Casemate TD's have some problems though, but where don't they. Arty-prone is it's main drawback. Pearl River - 31 Karelia - 32 Live Oaks - 30 Lakeville - 10 Malinovka - 36 Mittengard - 6 It has to go. Doesn't encourage any new player seeing this map. Too much rushing from new players with autoloaders, it is only a sealclubber's dream. Murovanka - 32 Port - 28 Province - 25 Prokhorovka - 2 Redshire - 37 Ruinberg - 15
  2. Really questoning my mental ability after keep on playing the M4, Sherman III and Valentine to grind through them at once, in a X2 full time-weekend. Stopped at 35% win rate! :)

  3. Westfield - 28Pearl River - 31Karelia - 32Live Oaks - 30Siegfried Line - 10Lakeville- 19 - Nothing more frustrating than watching half the team going to the valley and being decimated. Except heavy tanks scouting in the middle and then falling to the lake. Also, more than 2/3 of the map are simply useless.Malinovka - 35Mittegard - 18Murovanka - 31Mountain Pass – 3 Boring map, most games appear the same. Most of the map is useless too. If your team decides to push one of the corridors in big numbers, you also get a high chance of losing to cap easily.Port - 27Province - 28Prokhorovka - 12Redshi
  4. First post and first vote, don't know though if I can post. Westfield - 31Pearl River - 31Karelia - 32Live Oaks - 30Siegfried Line - 18Lakeville - 25Malinovka - 36 Mittegard - 24-3=21 Who in his right mind thought that this thing was a good idea? Low tier map, but has to go early.Murovanka - 31Mountain Pass - 18Port - 27Province - 28Prokhorovka - 14Redshire - 33Mines - 3Ruinberg - 24Fisherman's Bay - 23Northwest - 31Hidden Village - 18Steppes - 33+1=34 Every class has a role to play. I believe it is one of the most balanced maps (Only wondering why it doesn't have desert camo but a
  5. Instead of creating another "Hello!" thread, well, Hello from here! Many thanks for the helpful advice you have given me the last 1-2 years in wot.

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