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  1. My clan was vsing OMEGA in strongholds today. I gave up after my clan refused to acknowledge that they didn't have hacks, because they ammo racked someone twice (37% chance x 37% chance if you hit the ammo rack both times...) and because they tracked someone through a tiny gap in a rock. As if that qualifies them for hacking. Twice they blundered into our terribly set traps, which probably means no destructibles mod, and their shooting was what you'd expect of decent players... so why the heck are my clan calling them hackers?

    While i do love TFF, it may be time to find a new clan... any ones i can join? I may make a post (I was planning on leaving eventually as I was the only one who cared about improvement)

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    2. garryallen


      slapping people for 490 helps though, 300 damage with 167 pen is just not enough. normally i go to the steepest ridgelines and poke at mediums, and its funnier when 2/3s of a cromwell goes missing with every shot

    3. Nutkase


      Poking a hill with a Emil has a special spot in my heart, so u much fun!

    4. garryallen


      ehh if only i didnt poke a giant bit of the tank up first and really slowly.. i feel it would be balanced well with a bit more hp/ton and a slight speed increase

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