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  1. Ahh, after the realisation that the patch 9.20 nerfs to batchat and t57 are killing off my next two tier ten possibilities, just like they did with the leopard (meh from start) and the E100 (power creeped by Maus)

    In light of that, what are some other tier tens i can get?

     Btw Screw the Maus id fall asleep grinding it (+ i hate the tigger p)

    I like heaviums/mediums/lightiums XD- i was thinking about 113 but i dont play cws much if at all and im in a crap clan so nvm and its meh in pubs, in terms of light crossovers, maybe the wz132-1 if i seriously have nothing better to do

    Currently i am thinking maybe a rusky med. however im only at the tier 5 and i dont like the mehness of the tier 7 and 8 meds, its where i always get stuck, but the t54 and t62a/object 140 are worth it

     Probably going for the over-buffed 30B- i have a batchat 12t in my garage with 80k xp on it, it would be a pretty simple grind.

    Any other suggestions?

    credits are always an issue but lying to myself feels better than facing the facts so yeah

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    2. How_Terrible


      Two years ago if you had asked me what are ten phrases i'll never see in my life my list would have included "President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump", "power creeped by Maus", and "The Chicago Cubs, your 2016 World Series champions".

    3. simba90


      Wait, nerfs to the T57 HT?

    4. garryallen


      yeah ive heard about the 30b buffs.. which is the only reason i would ever consider it. im sea not na though so i dunt get dat :(

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