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  1. What should i get as my next is3 crew skill?

    im planning on keeping this crew in the is3 for now, maybe eventually transferring to the t10/is7. maybe even a medium if a can be stuffed to go down those lines. i have 3 skills at the moment, full bia, full repairs, then sixth sense, snap shot, smooth ride, and safe stowage. generally id go vision bc i often go for vision on meds/ heavies, but the is3 has such cancer vr that doesn't really matter. joat doesnt do much bc of tyhe new medkits, so i wasn't sure if there are any useful skills left (i run afe so no need for firefighting, getting set on fire twice within 90 seconds happens once in 2000 games?)

    Are there any you guys recommend?

    1. WhatTheSkara


      My T-10 crew (former IS3 and IS7) has bia, repairs, firefighting and gun handling.

      If i have to drop something for food i usually go for fire ext, especially on RU heavies it's the best thing since fuel tanks and engine are at the back of the tank, it means only arty and/or someone buttraping you can set you on fire. which should never happen btw.

      View range skills are a waste, 350m base doesn't get you anywhere..

      if you have a spare commander skill go for joat, the driver dies quite frequently and you can still drive without looking like a tier 8 tog.

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