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  1. Replace it with T-34-2 and will count. (Playing tier8 meds outside some prems and 416 is pure masochism)
  2. Actually T-10 have below normal AP shell velocity identical to ST-I,only Type 4 Heavy and VK45B are below it.
  3. That flying Grill make my day.gr8 m8 :disco:

  4. After IS-3 i wasn't sure if i wanted to buy (IS-8) T10 because alot of people told me that it was simply bad compared to other t9 heavys,so after the buffs i decieded to give it a try. Was very pleasently surprised about the tank overall performace (stable gun handling,pretty darn good mobility,respectable aim time and alpha) even the hull armor can be surprisingly bouncy,witch was making me think that i was starting to bounce more shots then my IS-3. Overall solid tenku even without stalinium armor
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