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  1. IS-7 IMO, It is so easy to master lol
  2. I average just shy of 4k dpg and 4k blocked in my maus after 150ish games, this is after the progetto missions were i just yolod for blocking damage IMO MAUS is still king for this mission
  3. I would imagine it gun stats will be identical, It can just switch to a siege mode with nerfed mobility, but the ability to depress to like 20 degree or smthn
  4. I agree with Carbon, Only problem I have is if mod breaks I am useless as I auto to x8 and cant aim for jack
  5. Its fine when im not streaming, to some extent if ive get heaps open i will drop to 60fps but its all bearable its when i start streaming, I am a very novice streamer so probably havent set something up right but i feel a upgraded cpu should fix it anyway? I havent overclocked it yet, it is watercooled so i should probably have a look into that, and will try switch to gpu encoding Thanks heaps guys
  6. so has the i7-7700k been power crept by other CPU that require different sockets?
  7. Not really sure, but It annoys the hell out of me and I wanna upgrade. I usually have spotify + Discord + Twitch/obs running at same time and it kinda borks
  8. is a z170 mobo fine? this is my current one https://www.pccasegear.com/products/32859 Id rather not have to buy a mother board aswell, I dont like pulling apart my pc
  9. Hey guys, Sorry cant go into much detail atm, will edit it later but I need a new cpu, I play at 1440p (27inch I think) 120hz on one monitor with 2 secondaries at 1080p I have a 1080ti gpu and ddr4 16gb vengance ram, My current cpu i5-6600k cant keep up with it all constantly bottlenecking, and tanks is dropping to 60fps, and even worse when I stream causing constant jitter. I wanted to ask the nerds of Wotlabs to let me know there suggestions for a high end cpu, I was looking at the i7-7700k cpu, my budget is <$400
  10. I dont know where to post this but wanted to share it
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