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  1. I am pretty sure WG will remove the "top exp does not loose star". This when mixed with a bit of Radar but especially BISMAdakkadakkadakka will cut the number of DD players. I really doubt that the next season will still be ruled by DDs. Also the Fubuki seems viable if "not being seen" is the nex meta for DDs. Bensons guns and slow torps really only make her viable up close.
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    The only thing that enrages me about Sandbox that it should have happened 2 years ago...
  3. Right, I was referring to the tier VI and VII Ru Cruisers getting Radar.
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    Sorry, but this all is overly negative and, again, you jump to conclusions. No heavy was "nearly immune" to fire during sandbox for instance - they only were resilient to extreme long rang sniping and somewhat immune to being autoaimed frontally with prem up close. No heavy lost the weakspots and the pen dropoff wasn't as extreme as to make it impossible to pen these. Also the vision changes weren't end of the world drastic. I mean most meds lost a couple of meters, all in all lights now actually have the best viewrange but that doesn't mean anyone else is totally blind... That sort of hyperbole is leading nowhere. On top of that WG repeatedly said that the changes on Sandbox are there to test extremes - and in the case of viewranges if THAT is what they think are extremes I don't really fear anything (except for lights staying as useless as they are now).
  5. When brit CLs are into the game the amount of ships with smoke will rise and this could be a preemptive counter to rampant smoke firing. Still it amazes me why the best performing CA line gets this and not the worst (why Ru and not US). I am exlculsively solo and I do not feel busted by the handful of unicum platoons that you may meet once every 100 games (or even less if you do not play tier X all that much).
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    Which is why these changes can only go along with the nerf to long range sniping. Really, again, look at it in context - don't just take ONE change and apply it to everything else like it is today. Ofc changing vision ranges and doing nothing else will break some/many maps - which is exactly why WG hasn't done that yet. But changing vision AND nerfing long range sniping MAY be very possible without breaking things. We don't know but it should not ruled out - which, incidently, is what Sandbox is all about - to not rule out things.
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    Fletcher vs Gearing

    The problem with the Gearing is that it is mostly a Fletcher with slightly better gun placement (4 guns facing front) and not much else. Concealment is 0.1km worse which does not sound much but often is, torps are agruably also worse bc worse detection for better range (iirc) and the range on the Fletcher ones being sufficient anyways. So all in all the Gearing simply hasn't got enough over the Fletcher that makes going up to tier X worth the while. Imho they should make the Gearing much more agile (should imho be the most agile ship in the game) or make the arcs flatter so that it brings something nice.
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    Kagero Advice

    If you have a CE captain you can try and run the S3 torps. The camo of the Kagero is such that you can pull hits off quite often and these buggers are really a nightmare for enemy DDs. But the stock torps are still better in more situations. basically the Kagero is a Fubuki with one less torp and worse turret traverse and range (wtf?) but slightly faster and slightly more stealthy - not enough when you face the deadly Fletchers. I hated the Kagero, my by far worst IJN DD (didn't help that I played it after I came back to the game being still quite rusty though). Other than that, if you get detected by an USN DD, turn away. Don't bother with anything, turn away. THEN you present a quite small target AND you can bring 4 guns to bear while the USN DD has a hard time hitting you and if he chases you will give up his only advantage - dpm. Finally, as usual, do not bother with the C hull, it's a useless exp tax.
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    First because those pubbies pay WG. WoT is kind of unique in that it has hardly any "whales" (mass spenders that need to be appeased). Their income spread is extremely broad over their entire playerbase, which means the average players spend by far the most. And these average players are exactly the ones getting killed for a small mistake and be frustrated about it. And, this is important, we talk about a GAME. This is not work or classes. The average Joe want to ENJOY as casual game of tanks. So put down your unicorn hat and see the whole affair through the eyes of WG and the average player and you see that what WG does is the right thing to do (just not from a unicorns pov). Second, i fully agree. I HATE the RNG laden nature of this game. Friend enticed me to play again - I bought RM Scorpion G and proceeded to miss 4 shots in a row to the side of a clipping AMX 50B that stood still 200m away from me - RNG at it's best. Infuriating. WoWS is so much better in this regard - if I hit my torps is basically up to me and the target and not some stupid roll of the dice. But again, random MM would be impossible without some noob protect. OMG Carbon, really? I get the hate for arty, it is shit gameplay and even worse if you get XVM sniped. Arty is bad, no doubt. But, games on Malinovka or Prokhorovka haven't exactly be dynamic even in the many games without arty, haven't they? WG really can't do too many open maps because mostly accurate high pen cross fire kills most pushes dead. And arty has nothig to do with that. So no, this game has many problem ON TOP of arty and WG must tackle these or bleed players more and more due to the staleness of the gameplay.
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    How to:T-44-100 Missions

    Same with the Panther 8.8 - looked half decent back then in the days of mostly shitty prem tanks - until you realized the MM weight was horrible... Imho that is fraud - nerf an ok looking prem with hidden stats you never show them.
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    WG did Sandbox to test extremes. What was shown there won't come to the liveserver - but the goals that WG set for WoT will likely happen one to some degree or another. And the goals are mostly sound. What the real or wannabee uncorns here try to ignore is that currently, if you want top performance, you can basically play like 4 tanks. All the rest are either slightly worse cookie cutter tanks of the 4 ideals or don't work in their intended role. So the few tanks (like Obj140 or T110E5) basically can do it almost all - the perfect unicorn tank. So what we have now is bad for the game but good for unicorns (and statpadders alike). So claims like "the new meta will prevent bad players from learning how to be gud bc bad play isn't punished enough" are even more stupid. The majority of players will never be any gud - and yet they need to have fun playing the game too or else the unicorns will be the only ones left (if only for a short time). So WG will strengthen the abilities of the specialsts at the cost of the generalists, period. No longer will you outsnipe a Leo 1 in an Obj140, no longer will you out tank a Maus in an T110E5. And finally no longer will you farm the average players that try to get into the city at Lakeville in their heavies because at that range you won't pen the E100 sides EXCEPT (maybe) in an Obj268. And THEN, and only then, can WG stop making mostly corridor maps and return to more interesting maps. One step after another. And, again, some people here have not enough understanding of that and claim "heavies will be OP after the changes" and still have the corridor meta in mind that these changes are supposed to break.
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    German Cruisers Discussion

    Imho all Cruisers (with the exception the the Russian ones) really only get strong at tier X when they finally have everything they need - speed, range and firepower. At lower tiers they can be burners and be strong as burners but any single wrong move will simply kill you. Ranges are too low and camo means nothing on most maps - especially with planes in the game. If you try to play the island-cover game you get deleted by CVs, if you run open you get deleted by BBs. No wonder noone really played Cruisers in ranked - they are all weak universalists in a game that rewards specialists.
  13. This is explained in the WN8 thread - it is called "recency bias" - the effect that new tanks always get expected values that are too high. As WTR works basically just like WN8, it has the same problem with new ships.
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    No Man's Sky

    Friends of mine are interested and asked me - but grinding ships leaves me no time so could please someone explain to me the following: This game seems to be multiplayer with a consistent severbased universe - why? Afaik you will hardly ever meet anyone else because the universe is so big. You don't start at the same point so playing together is virtually impossible. So how is this "multiplayer", what am I missing?
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    KM battleships

    Guilty as well. Put my Shima Captain on my Fujin and wrecked some Königs, Kaisers and Bayerns. 2 games, average 121k damage... The downside is that these players will either quit or learn to WASD at the time they arrive at Bismark so my Shima will weep salty tears.
  16. The difference between a good CV player and a bad CV player is really HUGE. If their CV spots the caps and hunts the DDs (ie me) and our CV uses his Fighters to circle himself while sending his strikers along the redline to snipe the enemy CV the game is as good as lost - that is the power that CVs still have. Really, I lost 3 games during the last few days where the neemy got all the caps because of that. Their CV relentlessy hunted all our DDs - as he should do - uncontested. And CVs counter DDs in the hardest possible way while the team without DDs will always loosing the capping game. Otoh these games ended very fast (4 caps for the enemy plus 3 dead DDs give a huge lead in points) - after less than 5 minutes in one case - which made the winning team receiving bad exp (I would have hated a win like that for +200%).
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    Rheinmetall Skorpion G

    Not to forget best gun depression. This will not be so easy because if the stats/roles really change that much, it will be very hard to actually claim that a tank was nerfed. For instance they could decide to buff the HP over all tiers except tier X to even out tier balance. In turn they will nerf turret traverse and, of course, implement the global new mechanics for pen (drop off over range), less pen for prem ammo. Will that be a nerf for the Scorpion?
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    Got this thing from a gamescom code and I must say that WG dropped the ball here. It might very well be the worst prem currently in existance. Torps are not terribad but in no way awesome and it seems that for these the Camp sacrifices any viability in the gun department. It also goes down very fast under fire and also isn't very maneuverable or very fast. What could save it would be awesome camo but even here it isn't best in class. So, alas, a total turd.
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    Rheinmetall Skorpion G

    I am very on the fence with this one. I loved the Hellcat and it seems the Scorpion is basically a Hellcat. However the game currently sucks for anything below tier IX imho if you want to platoon and I am at ships till WG can pull through with their long time promised gameplay changes. And that is exactly the question - where will the Scorpion (or really any prem tank) stand after "global rebalance"?
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    KM battleships

    IRL all ships were designed to be sealclubbers. Also I am sure WW1&2 saw some terrible matchmaking.
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    Breaking 4k (dpg)

    The only thing proven is that the very first game in a new tank you will be always top tier. Apart from that no special MM seems to be in place. But with most tanks (but not all) I experience that too. The first 10 or so games I am usually easily into Uni while scratching super uni (even in tanks that I have unfavorable MM - eg mostly bottom tier). After that is goes downhill. I'd say this is the "new tank gotta tryhard" effect. After some games it's same old and the attention wavers, stupid mistakes take hold and WN8 consequently drops to normal.
  22. After 21 games in the Aoba being into tier VIII 16 times and tier VII 4 times (yes, that means after 21 games I have been top tier ONCE) I stay the hell away from tier VI. WG really needs to fix the MM or buff all the tier VI ships. That also means no surely Dunkerque for me - the Scharnhorst got me thinking though. I guess it will be pretty neat for tier VII ranked (better than Nagato, that is the question) and it's speed appeals even to me (who mainly needs the fast paced thrill of playing DDs).
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    WN9 candidate prototype

    Hm, for all the work and the certainly very well thought out systems underneath WN9 I still have the feeling that it strives to do too much in such a chaotic environment that is WG/WoT. Grille and Scorpion "breaking" tiers and throwing things in some sort of disarray may very well be common occurences. Furthermore the rating was originally conceived as a recent only but right now Account WN9 seems to be the thing. But if WG rolls out changes that are even only 20% of what we saw on sandbox, Account WN9 (and WN8 too) will loose much of it's meaning as will per tank expected values. So I think if Account WN9 will not have replaced WN8 really soon, there may be no point in it at all.
  24. First of all WG needs to find a way to technically disable unwanted mods because otherwise like 30% of their most active players suddenly would become "hackers". Iirc there was talk about plans about modmakers needing to certify with WG in order for their mods to work but so far nothing came of it (who would have thought).
  25. THREAD NECRO!11!! Anyways, WG saw that it is useless because all the stats site alsready have polled for most, if not almost all players. So hiding your stats would only result in you getting displayed with your old rating indefinetely which means players would be pissed like "hey, WG, I did hide my stats but wotlabs still shows them - what give?????". And because of that WG will never implement it for WoT - they did it for WoWS because it was still early enough for this (they did it beofre the first stat sites appeared).