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    Jaegaer reacted to Folterknecht in Player Rating for World of Warships   
    Are you really that dense?
    Restricting the best players who put the most effort into it, just to please the dumb masses and make it easier for them. You call that competitive?
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    Jaegaer got a reaction from xWulffx in Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]   
    You just need to highlight the mission by hovering the mouse over it and hit [enter] and that will select it.
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    Jaegaer got a reaction from Rodrigopine in WoWp 2.0 - worth a gander?   
    It also shares free exp.
    I installed it and played like 10 games - lost my first 6 in a row but did well in most of them and received more exp than half of the winning temamembers?! Winning/loosing doesn't seem to be that big of a factor for exp as in WoT/WoWS.
    It's good fun but it seems a bit on the shallow side with no spotting mechanics, no angling/armor and almost no positioning. Flying a plane is VERY easy but also quite limited. There seems no way a pro will be able to fly a tighter turn than a newb.
    Ultimately I will probably play it now and again for the silly lightweight fun but my desire to grind anything there is pretty limited while in WoWS I am only 80k away from Hindenburg and can't wait.
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    Jaegaer reacted to OnboardG1 in WG adds terrible clan mode, more at 8   
    One DD is fine, but if he dies your team is fucked. Two DDs guarantees an overmatch on a cap point and provides you with smoke for you and a way of denying smoke for the enemy team. You're not always going to want them and it depends quite heavily on the map pool.
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    Jaegaer got a reaction from Rodrigopine in WG adds terrible clan mode, more at 8   
    The problem I am having here is that with 4-5 Cruisers per team DDs become so low value. 2 Des Moines and 2 Hindenburgs provide plenty of Radar AND Hydro. So not only do you get spotted at likely inopportune moments should you try anything funny, your torps are also of low value because with german hydro even a Yamato can evade your torps with ease.
    The smoke changes are bad for active DDs as well. Whenever you get spotted after firing in smoke, you know there is a enemy DD near - now just pop Radar and kill/cripple him...
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    Jaegaer reacted to Madner Kami in Graf Zeppelin   
    The Test Graf Zeppelins are still garbage. Ship-AA is way too strong and way too long ranged and with dive bombers needing to get close all the time, they will still get slaughtered and do a big heaping pile of nothing whatsoever, due to having to drag through all AA-circles including the innermost one with most AA. What many fail to realize is, that torpedo bombers are not just that much better because of the torps being way more reliable at damaging enemy ships if used right, but that torpedo-bomber survivability is just so much higher, precisely because they do not have to get that close.
    Imo, unless WG adresses this obvious problem, they can change the GZ however they want, it won't fix the problem. Nerf AA!
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    Jaegaer reacted to sahtila in Graf Zeppelin   
    Anyone noticed funny coincident: Most of Admiral Yamato campaign missions opened this week has using high tier CV as requirement. And Graf Zeppelin just happened to be hastily released same week
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    Jaegaer reacted to Rodrigopine in How do you ploy your Udaloi?   
    The Newdaloi is kind of like the mirror image of the Fletcher and by that I mean that the guns are better but the torpedoes are a bit worse because of the limited range. 8KM with the radar/hydro/CV meta at high tier means you won't be using them outside of self defense or the occasional ambush.
    It's kind of like a mid range support ship in that you don't engage with your guns as close as you would in the Fletcher. 8-10km is the sweet spot using either smoke or cover to avoid return fire. It's also a soft ship in that it starts to eat AP normal pens pretty easily from BBs or Cruisers, especially at an oblique angle. So you can lose 2/3 of your hp in a single salvo.
    IMHO I think CE is worth it because it allows you to get into position without detection plus it can help in the middle or late game with back capping. Your DPS is enough where you can easily eliminate low health DDs without losing much HP yourself.
    Hope this helps.
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    Jaegaer got a reaction from Rodrigopine in What is the best tier 8 Cruiser   
    Just got the NO and put on that snazzy aniversary camo. Put her out for a run - got instantly deleted twice by Yamato and Kurfürst. Third game I am finally top tier but I still hide most fo the game, the a Yolo Gneisenau gets my slightly angled side at 12km - instant death.
    I mean, lol. In all three games so far I have been killed from full health in one go. Cruisers at tier VIII are simply useless unless Kutuzov or at least healtago.
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    Jaegaer got a reaction from SmirkingGerbil in Brit BBs   
    Orion is very powerful. AP is a solid performer so the strong HE is simply a bonus. Dispersion seems very good too.
    The only thing that I loathe is the abysmal turret raverse - even with Jack Dunkirk and his special EM skill the turrets hardly move at all.
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    Jaegaer got a reaction from canadiantrex in 9.20 extras   
    Thats the new and improved natural cycle of tank balancing. New tanks will always be more or less OP till everyone grinded them and then they get nerfed to be unexciting, so most people don't hesitate to move on. Then, after a while, they change it's playstyle around to make it interesting for people that so far didn'Ät see the need to get it.
    With this method you maximise the amount of people that want a tank at the cost of some people who hate nerfs and inconsistency
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    Jaegaer got a reaction from Rodrigopine in WOWS Tier 10 Elimination Thread   
    This is basically for random and for random I'd rather take a Fletcher into any tier X match than a Gearing.
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    Jaegaer got a reaction from Archaic_One in Switching off Team damage to be tested...   
    If we can deduce one thing from this then it is that WGs tactic works.
    Instead of real but risky changes that might push the game forward, WG is going the way of pumping up mostly insignificant things.
    We MIGHT disable team damage but it will be after a lengthy process of testing, because, you know, these things are very very hard. So better not expect anything, at all. Btw here is our new prem tank, the Star Wars themed FV 215b 183 in cooperation with Disney.
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    Jaegaer reacted to FlorbFnarb in The accuracy in this game seems physically impossible   
    THAT'S IT.  That's exactly what I'm seeing.  It's annoying as hell.  I have problems hitting in the thing at long range, so I close to make it easier, and the guns just get magically less accurate and throw shots into the water in order to force me to miss.
    I mean, I get that it's a game and only so much realism can be demanded, but forcing a given hit rate like that is only going to give fuel to the OMG GAEM IZ RIGGED types.
    I knew I wasn't imagining it.
    Oh, I know.  Next on my list to complain about:
    1. SBs are close to being automatic damage that's high-impossible to avoid, and
    2. AA fire seems radically ineffective, and a full-health TB squadron will always make it through a ship's AA guns and make its torp run.  TBs can be stopped by fighters, or by massed ships, but there is literally no chance of a single ship's AA fire stopping them before launching torps.
    3. Matches where half or more of each team is BBs are stupid as hell and seem to make a lot of cruisers semi-irrelevant.
    Yes.  It's the worst ship I've played by far - far worse than even the low tier British cruisers.  Haven't tried the HE thing though; given the uselessness of the guns, I might have to try it.
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    Jaegaer got a reaction from TouchFluffyTail in The accuracy in this game seems physically impossible   
    You don't.
    You are not a cheapass and thus you simply free exp the Kongo.
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    Jaegaer got a reaction from Rodrigopine in The accuracy in this game seems physically impossible   
    You don't.
    You are not a cheapass and thus you simply free exp the Kongo.
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    Jaegaer got a reaction from RollerCoaster47 in The accuracy in this game seems physically impossible   
    You don't.
    You are not a cheapass and thus you simply free exp the Kongo.
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    Jaegaer got a reaction from Rodrigopine in Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]   
    C hull is a must have. WGs ratings are alas quite useless. For instance, equipping the top hull on Clemson gives like +2 on guns rating despite the fact that you get double thge guns in each turret...
    The C hull gives you much better armor and the gun placement is wy more convenient.
    Still IJN CAs suffer from very bad turret traverse all the line up and that is something you need to work around. Pre turn your turrets whenever possible and turn the hull if you are not getting aimed at. Maximising Cit hits is basically aiming correct AND shooting often and the shotting often part is actually much harder as it mean that you need to position well.
    Still, IJN CAs have good concealment and if you get targetted by too many BBs, hold your fire and vanish into stealth till said BBs found other targets to shoot at.
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    Jaegaer got a reaction from 33nfidel in Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]   
    If both are citadels then thats already a kill. I remember doing Citadel Missions in my Arkansas at tier IV, glorious citadelling on oblivious broadsiding Cruisers
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    Jaegaer reacted to MagicalFlyingFox in The new mm is an improvement but it's also a total mess. But why?   
    I posted this somewhere earlier but still, I think i should repeat it.
    This would have been a good change had WG not completely fucked up the game balance by
    Fucking up maps with corridors and little if any flanking opportunities. Going full agent orange on map Fucking up heavies by dumping armour on them for no reason Making some tanks blatantly OP Shortening the overall range of combat MASSIVE difference in between tiers and in between classes Inflating tier 8 by adding in 400 new premium tanks And this is before they decided to make those new tier 8 premium tanks actually tier 8.5
    If we had more open maps and an ability to kill the top tier tanks in lower tier tanks unlike most tier 6s vs a Defender, it would have made games a lot less frustrating because you could always do something. 
    But when you simplify maps so that you only have 2 places you can go to win, you're always going to run into a tank 2 tiers higher than you, and when you run into them, you can do literally nothing except give them some exp. 

    Basically this would never have happened if WG had just nerfed the fuck out of arty and TDs 4 years ago. 
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    Jaegaer reacted to BiggieD61 in Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]   
    1.  It's been a while, but the Furutaka is a capable tier 5 Cruiser, it can and will see tier 7 MM now, and that will teach you quickly not to sail straight line in front of either tier 7 BB's or Cruisers, who can citadel you dead in 1 or 2 volleys.
    2.  American CVs are Okay at tier 4 and 5, but are the absolute worst ( all bottom 10 in win rate on the NA server  except for Midway which is in the bottom 20 ) from there on out unless you are playing the premium Saipan or Enterprise.  American BB's are solid all the way up from the New Mexico on.
    3.  German BB's are a lot of fun, brawly and difficult to Citadel because of their "turtleback" armor.  They have amazing secondary's and interesting AA ( and sometimes torps ).  Plus you have two premium trainers in the tier 7 Scharnhorst and the tier 8 Tirpitz.  It's a "must play" line in my opinion.
    4.  Low tier play is kinda weird, so I hesitate to endorse anything - Tier 4 BB Imperator Nikolai is OP with a server wide 60% win rate - but you won't be able to buy it again - Ischizuchi is cheap and available, and while it's a battlecruiser not a true BB - it's very flexible, fast and fun.  IJN DD's at tier 3 and 4  ( Wakatake, Isokaze ) are kinda of regular ship seal clubbers - as is the tier 4 US DD the Clemson. Tier 4's get special MM where they never see higher than tier 5 - so tier 4 is where most seal clubbers live.
    5.  1-4 low tier 5-7 mid 8-10 high tier.   Tier 8's played properly can do more damage to a tier 10 enemy in WoWs than is possible in WoT (  I am talking average players here - obviously Unicorns can play whatever and change the game flow.)
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    Jaegaer got a reaction from BiggieD61 in WoT and any said comparisons are a No No at WoWs   
    The WoWS crowd is still somewhat "fresh" and hasn't got the time to fondle all that sweet bitterness that a 5 yo game like WoT.
    Also, in all fairness, WoT is like 10 times more rage inducing and the devs seemt o be unable to listen most of the time so some bitching is certainly to be expected.
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    Jaegaer got a reaction from xWulffx in Quick questions & quick answers. [WoWS]   
    Captains will be removed along with the ships and all exp on the ships, Captains are elite so all exp you gain is free exp anyways. If you value the exp on the ships you need to convert it before the special ends.
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    Jaegaer got a reaction from lavawing in The new mm is an improvement but it's also a total mess. But why?   
    The thing is that 3-5-7 is a crutch that WG uses in order to avoid changing the really important things, such as prem ammo and low tier tanks being hilariously weak.
    Also 3-5-7 imho has more than "small issues". Playing in any sort of platoon below tier IX means you are almost certainly among the 7. Tier VIII on EU, depending on the time of day, gets into tier X way more than half of the time. Not fun.
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    Jaegaer reacted to hall0 in Pudel vs. VK3002M vs. Panther   
    VK3002M is nothing but an early Panther Ausf. D. (different mantlet and cupola, hull without Mg compared to later versions) WG probably just thought "hey to have two Panthers right after each other in the techtree is stupid, lets give it the development name.
    Here the first Panthers in Kursk.  Compare it to the VK3002M we have in the game. They are basically the same. 

    Stock Panther is a later Version. Probably Ausf G. The hull has an MG and the mantlet has the "chin" to avoid bounces into the hull and a different radiator design.  Pudel is also an Ausf. G but without the "chin" mantlet,Mount an Schmalturm and it becomes the Ausf. F. 
    There are some confusing things with the Panther tanks:
     A) The designation. You would expect it to start with A than go to B and so on. But it actually starts with D, goes to A than to G. Why? Here the answer. 
    B) There are a lot of mutant versions. There are G versions with "chin" mantlet and without. But also D "letterbox" hulls with chin mantles. 
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