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  1. Maybe so... I don't see the T-150 as a WN8 "padder" (I won't argue the others 1 way or the other), I have loved it since before they nerfed the KV-1S and everyone said the T-150 sucked. I am actually pretty proud of my 60% winrate in it. That is w/o platooning and mostly w/o gold. What do you meant by "For tier 5-6 non-prems the error's around 10-20%." Not really sure how, when you are being compared to the damage others are doing in the same tanks, one tank can be better/different than another. I would think "expected value" should/would be a per tank evaluation, relative to eve
  2. All very good and valid points thanks. (off topic, how do I get my stats on left side below avatar like all the cool kids )
  3. Valid points. Thanks. How's that? What's changing?
  4. I am sure the answer to this is NO, and I am probably going to get flamed for it, but... Any chance they will ever put an asterisk (or whatever) next to WN8/WN9 (etc) when that players shoot more than, say, 50% Gold? I normally carry about 6-8 "gold" shells per tank (I pay for them with credits, not "gold"). I generally use them only If I am bottom tier trying to pen top tier heavy. More often than not I don't use them at all, unless I run out of regular. It seems to me, every time I run up against a Unicum or Super Unicum player, they are shooting gold exclusively. It is part o
  5. Hello, just joined forum to figure out why WN8 had jumped 30+ pts (overall) last week. I guess this is why. Not real happy with WN9 results (from above link), took me down a color tier, but I guess it isn't official yet...
  6. Thanks, just joined forum, didn't know to look there. That explains it. Feel free to close thread
  7. About a week ago, my WN8 jumped about 30 points. It shows 1782 in sig and WOTLABS page, but still shows about 1750 on Noobmeter and in game. If it goes up 4 points after a days gaming, each one changes independently (1746->1750 and 1778->1782). I am assuming WOTLABS re-calibrated something and the other WN8 stat sites, including in game, haven't caught up yet. Anyone know what's going on?
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