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  1. Maybe so... I don't see the T-150 as a WN8 "padder" (I won't argue the others 1 way or the other), I have loved it since before they nerfed the KV-1S and everyone said the T-150 sucked. I am actually pretty proud of my 60% winrate in it. That is w/o platooning and mostly w/o gold. What do you meant by "For tier 5-6 non-prems the error's around 10-20%." Not really sure how, when you are being compared to the damage others are doing in the same tanks, one tank can be better/different than another. I would think "expected value" should/would be a per tank evaluation, relative to everyone else. There really isn't anything more important than win % and damage a close 2nd (IMHO). I am really not that worried about it. That was also "recent" as opposed to overall, and apparently overall will commonly be higher. What is "recent"? Last 500 games or something?
  2. All very good and valid points thanks. (off topic, how do I get my stats on left side below avatar like all the cool kids )
  3. Valid points. Thanks. How's that? What's changing?
  4. I am sure the answer to this is NO, and I am probably going to get flamed for it, but... Any chance they will ever put an asterisk (or whatever) next to WN8/WN9 (etc) when that players shoot more than, say, 50% Gold? I normally carry about 6-8 "gold" shells per tank (I pay for them with credits, not "gold"). I generally use them only If I am bottom tier trying to pen top tier heavy. More often than not I don't use them at all, unless I run out of regular. It seems to me, every time I run up against a Unicum or Super Unicum player, they are shooting gold exclusively. It is part of the game, and that is fine with me, but a player who achieves a WN8 of 2500 while shooting mostly regular shells, is better than one who gets there shooting mostly gold. Maybe just include Gold shooting % in stats or something?
  5. Hello, just joined forum to figure out why WN8 had jumped 30+ pts (overall) last week. I guess this is why. Not real happy with WN9 results (from above link), took me down a color tier, but I guess it isn't official yet...
  6. Thanks, just joined forum, didn't know to look there. That explains it. Feel free to close thread
  7. About a week ago, my WN8 jumped about 30 points. It shows 1782 in sig and WOTLABS page, but still shows about 1750 on Noobmeter and in game. If it goes up 4 points after a days gaming, each one changes independently (1746->1750 and 1778->1782). I am assuming WOTLABS re-calibrated something and the other WN8 stat sites, including in game, haven't caught up yet. Anyone know what's going on?
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