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  1. So if you legionnaire for a clan and they've used credit boost, do you get the boost as well, or is that only for the clan members?

    1. Fabunil


      only for the clanmembers.

    2. PantyHero


      Was discussing it with a mate, and that's what I said that it is only for clan members - but he was convinced that people outside the clan would get the bonus as well, almost as a "thank you" for helping the clan fill up their team. Did a google search but found mixed opinions so didn't really know what to believe. But I guess it's settled now.

  2. Many streamers tested it and it worked for them all on EU. Skill however was the only retard stupid enough to sit and stream for hours and use a known bug. Using a bug and then to farm marks how low, and funny thing is I only saw it cause it was told on another stream - Skill then went on to immediately ban people saying he was using a bug, so that it wasn't shown in his chat. I've never really watched him a lot, but seeing him taking advantage of a bug and then live on stream for multiple hours I lost every bit for that shitter.
  3. Useful Links Discord server: https://discord.gg/gBMUaGS Clan page: https://eu.wargaming.net/clans/wot/500148832/
  4. If they had introduced World of Tanks today in this current state, it would've been a decent alpha try! Imagine what WG would be able to accomplish in 20+ years then. 

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Go watch actual alpha or early gameplay then cry mercifully at how far this game has come. A lot of the hate is unwarranted 

  5. Just rewatched a replay from yesterday - Battle duration: 8'ish mins - 3 enemy arty in the game, and total amount I was stunned: almost 3 and a half minute. thats close to 50% of the battle time where my tank played like a crippled squirrel on fucking ecstasy. Well done WG. 80% of the time was through big ass rocks and buildings. This game is so solid and well done.

  6. Been trying to quit for a long long time and this new update finally made it a whole lot easier, thanks WG :) Now I'll go cry in a corner reflecting on all the cash I actually threw at them assholes.

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    2. CheekiBreeki_
    3. Medjed


      I never actually quit the game, but considering how much i play lately it comes to the same....it's not that i don't want to play, but every time i do play i end up frustrated and mad and realise what a steaming pile of cow shit this game is....new arty haven't lowered the amount of rage at all, add to that rng and all the other shit and it becomes super easy to quit

    4. PantyHero


      Simple reason, the new "update" is not a fix for anything, it's worse and shit simply put. 

  7. 7 years and WG is still failing (they call it improving) - but then again that's what they do best so can you really blame them? "Do what you do best" the motto WG is based on.
  8. Was in a game with a light tank driving full speed almost 70kmt i jump out over a small hill/jump and once in mid air arty hit's 10m+ away from me - I get stunned while still in air and it flips my tank over while still in air. I must say this new "improvement" to arty is well balanced and well thought through and tested. GJ WG.

  9. They can make all the changes they want, fact is this game will remain a failure as long as they allow XVM to use their API. Yes Arty was a big problem, but XVM made it an even bigger problem. Why should decent and above decent players be punished harder because of some retarded 3rd party mod? WG will never learn and they will never listen, and that's a fact. 

    1. PantyHero


      If you were able to attach a bottle of vodka to e-mails, maybe then WG Support would listen and actually give a flying fuck about their so called "community", if you can even call it that. 

  10. Arty splash radius increased up to 50-60 percent - so fucking retarded so now if you're 13 meters away from the actual impact you still get damaged and tracked. NO way this change to arty is gonna be better in any way. Better accuracy, better aim time, shorter reload, increased splash radius, less damage but more frequent damage.. Fuck this shit, I would much rather buy a ticket to the occasional 1 shot-lottery. Limiting SPG's to 3 also means we more often will see games with 3 and most likely not gonna see games entirely without. This is a shit fix to a shit mechanic that should've been removed a shit ton of time ago!

  11. There's a big difference between addressing a problem and fixing the actual problem...
  12. Everytime I stop by you're offline, slacker! Who knows but maybe, just MAYBE there'll be a little something next time
  13. It's so fugly I wouldn't play it, let alone actually pay for it... In this new Tier 8 Defender meta it's useless.
  14. I know quite a lot about trance seeing as I had a few releases myself back in the mid 2000's and quit music production back in 2011 with my last release Farewell. Back then Trance changed, it got more and more mainstream and all the big artists became big sellouts who sounded more and more like everyday mainstream radio music. The "Rolling bassline" era' as I like to call it is when uplifting trance was at its very best. Thankfully it is coming back more and more and that is actually one of the reasons I like many of RAM's tracks, he uses rolling bass lines like oldschool Sean Tyas, Daniel
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