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  1. Been trying to quit for a long long time and this new update finally made it a whole lot easier, thanks WG :) Now I'll go cry in a corner reflecting on all the cash I actually threw at them assholes.

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    2. CheekiBreeki_
    3. Medjed


      I never actually quit the game, but considering how much i play lately it comes to the same....it's not that i don't want to play, but every time i do play i end up frustrated and mad and realise what a steaming pile of cow shit this game is....new arty haven't lowered the amount of rage at all, add to that rng and all the other shit and it becomes super easy to quit

    4. PantyHero


      Simple reason, the new "update" is not a fix for anything, it's worse and shit simply put. 

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