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  1. Triple T95 platoons are pretty ridiculous. people literally run away when they see it.
  2. Would you mind awfully putting the kettle on, I'm really rather parched
  3. Dpm isn't everything. Also why are so many people down talking about the 121b??? ITS GREAT.
  4. For those who haven't already seen this beautiful match between QSSF and Red Sky. you are welcome.
  5. Ever wanted to see some replays where boosts are viable? if so enjoy.
  6. even the most pathetic tiny little guns can make a huge difference in any match, just take the amx 13 57 for example.
  7. Honestly this would have worked with almost any medium but this just makes it so much more enjoyable to play.
  8. So satisfying when your battle for mark is just monstrous.
  9. JPE100. I bounce that. Your Team. I farm that. This Match. I won that.
  10. Try this crazy strat next time you have a battle on Himmels!
  11. Among the highest camo ratings, Penetration for AP, and other factors, the Scorpion g is probably the best premium for your money.
  12. when you can coordinate a push like this what is not to like about platooning?
  13. Does being a pushy player sometimes get you better games?
  14. I'm glad WG is making premium tanks playable in tier 10 matches.
  15. Its always going to be a different situation for clutching but hopefully this replay w/ commentary might help you on your next clutch situation.
  16. I thought french heavies were supposed to have no armour?
  17. Don't you just feel like somebody is watching our you? You know, from upstairs?
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