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  1. Kept seeing the invite pop up, then boom team already formed.....
  2. I would be glad to let you carry me join you in some tier 9 grinding, I have 3 tier 9s I am trying to work through.
  3. I am a frequent rage quitter, rage saler, rage rager. It is mostly due to my own performance. When I start getting into a rut, I try harder and take to many risks trying to win. I then rage. I know its not healthy, but I do what I do.
  4. If you have all the tanks, equipment, consumables you want. There is no reason to stock pile creds. The only reason I try to keep roughly 5 mil in the bank is due to anticipation of sales. other than that as long as I have enough creds to fix and reload my tank I am happy. Now if there were "interest" that would accrue I would completely change my philosophy.
  5. Necroing for good reason. I bought this tank, because what the hell, its on sale. I had the bl9 and stock turret.... omg this tank blows. I had more hope for this tank, so being the drunken fool that I am, I decide to blow 25k free xp on the turret. OMG!!!! The turret and gun absolutely make this tank amazing. 24 hours of grinding this and the RHM made for a nice 3900 WN8. I cant wait for the engine to give it a little boost to mobility.
  6. OK, so is anyone enjoying this tank? I am trying to find a reason to keep it.
  7. After Worst's post, I think I am going to turn assault and encounter back on. I do enjoy the mad pubbie damage farming. and honestly I am getting a little burnt of the same map modes over and over. will report back.
  8. First couple of battles I ended up accidentally TK some pubbietrash, because of the red color above their name, I thought they were the enemy. It took me a bit to get used the color scheme, but I like it now.
  9. Okeano put it perfectly, Know your gun, know your enemies armor, know the terrain, know the angle. if you have 200 avg pen, and the enemy has 100mm armor, it is a 90 degree angle and there are no obstacles in the way, shoot. use your own formula accordingly. but if you have no chance at penning, look for other targets, or move to a position to get a better shot. Long range is alway iffy anyways. most times the target is moving, angleing, behind cover to provide a specific answer to the question.
  10. Welcome Tucker, With a quick analysis of your stats, with not having seen any replays, I can only assume. The first things I had to improve were very basic, so I will provide a few tips and tricks to immediately improve, if you havent already. Keep your front armor to the enemy. Do not allow yourself to be solo, travel with a group when possible. Focus fire targets. do not play peek a boo with targets do not get too far forward, where your team cant help do not get too far behind, where you cant help your team.
  11. I am looking for someone/s that has some time to dedicate to grind 7/9 tonight. Due to the double xp for victories event, I want to capitalize. If anyone is willing I will be on around 1030 pm CST, looking for as many games as possible, I am willing to grind until I pass out. I am about 50k from roomba and about 60k away from obj 140
  12. Thanks for the advice Rexxie and Legedi, I will try to change my playstyle with it. Will update post with results.
  13. speed and traverse are the only things I do not like about this tank. only arty since the su-26rest in peace That I actually dont mind being in Himmelsdorf. some maps really are a challenge due to the fact you have to be in sight distance to even hit something.
  14. I must admit, I am horri-sucky in this tank. very little experience, but I do not like the way it handles. it feels glitchy to me, almost jerky in the movements, and the RNG has not been good to me. Also the snorkel on mine is malfunctioning.
  15. Rammer, VStab and Optics I play way to aggresive for my own good, most of the time, so any sight advantage I have helps. My thoughts have always been, you can't shoot what you can't see.
  16. I must admit, I was excited when I finally got this tank. I then immediately went full tard. I assumed the perceived opness would make me invinsible. It still early, and I still have very few battles in the tank, but I have to slow down, make more calculated decisons. I love the gun control of the tank, I pen generally 3 of 4 shots, my problem has been, DO NOT charge into 3 tanks thinking I can win.
  17. I bought mine for crew training purposes, but I have to say it is a fun tank if you can get it in a open map that you can abuse camo and distance. if you are required to move that is when the tank shows its weakness.
  18. Other than gun depression. I love this tank, so far the only tier 9 I have actually kept. there will be a few I buy back later, but I love this tank in almost every way. /hugs
  19. +1 I love the ninja td. Still with as much love as I have for this, I still love the 155 more. I love the camo, accuracy, ROF, speed, and did I mention camo, because I love that as well.
  20. Aircrewman

    Ode to the T-34

    I just bought one recently for the new proposed RUS medium line, and it has been good to me so far. I feel like I am always under tiered in it though, at least 75% in tier 6 and 7 battles, that being said I love the gun, but it is so frustrating to have to face a bunch of tanks that one shot you, but you have to shoot them 6 to 13 times due to alpha. always funny when you set a tank of fire and the fire does more alpha though end of rant, but I do enjoy the tank.
  21. /excited. I will have to buy a VK3001H. but I Always like fast, mobile, squishy tanks.
  22. I am on everynight from 8pm CST to about 1am CST. I feel I am average to good @ most tanks, but I feel like I am plateauing and not progressing any further. I mostly want to increase my end Tier Medium skill My skin is extremely thick, and am open to any sort of verbal abuse, as long as it improves my tanking ability. If any of you Mentors would be willing to plat a little, and learn me how to tank gud. it would be much appreciated. PM me in game or pop on to Forge TS, or message me your TS info. I also enjoy long walks on the beach
  23. I am 58.86% excluding TCs, much higher than I thought it would be
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