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    Aircrewman reacted to Worstpoaster_na in Literature suggestions   
    I did Lolita as my grade 11 final project, my teacher thought that I was some high achiever azn  making an indepth anaylsis on human relationships v.s society.
    I just did it because I thought I can fap 2 it
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    Aircrewman reacted to SirZeppelinisgoddington in The Super Silly CRD RO Dump Thread for Great Prestige and Lulzing   
    Ooooo, I got some gud ones....

    This is a good one because I still dont understand how it's 30days worth of butthurt.

    This one is a message I got from Q when I asked him what the hell was going on.

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    Aircrewman reacted to Baddiegandr in The Super Silly CRD RO Dump Thread for Great Prestige and Lulzing   
    My name is Baddiegandr and I'm an RO-aholic. I've been RO'd 7 days out of the last 9 days for three separate violations. Getting RO'd is ruining my life positive rep, and I need to stop.
    Also Zepp told me to post here.
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    Aircrewman reacted to 8112204 in Looking 4 2 hack like mods   
    "Blocks you shooting at allied tanks by mistake.", it says.
    At first we were like, "No more being blocked by retarded potatoes! YES!".
    And then we were like, "Wait, no more teamkilling retarded potatoes! NOOO!".
    Such a hard decision...
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    Aircrewman reacted to cupAsoup in Boring Clam war is Boring   
    What you just did was not clan wars. That was organized tank masturabtion.
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    Aircrewman reacted to Rexxie in Dear Sela..   
    Buy me a six foot box, postage, and a couple bows and xmas can come any time you want bb.
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    Aircrewman reacted to KraftLawrence in Lol you guds so poor   
    I hate the credit missions. All the reds end up having enough money to randomly be shooting sprem. I like it when everyone's poor.
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    Aircrewman reacted to EchelonIII in Lol you guds so poor   
    If there's a discount on equipment and consumables on and you HAVEN'T spent to below 1 million credits, you're an idiot.

    Every time a consumable sale comes on, I throw EVERYTHING at it. If I don't need it, I can always sell it back at no loss.
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    Aircrewman reacted to Otter von Bismarck in EchIII Import #1: Artillery and Variance Theory   
    Fundamentally, artillery just does too much damage, regardless of how good you are. A bad player can still deal massive damage in artillery because the mechanic is basically point, click and hope RNG is favorable. It takes a great deal of difficulty to skillfully play a fragile medium tank and deal massive damage with a DPS gun that is reliant on you staying alive for a prolonged period of time. It takes very little skill to sit in the rear and get a favorable RNG role, killing said good player because he got lit despite his best effort, or had to take a calculated risk. Obviously arty factors into said risk (e.g. chance of getting nuked while moving into a new position), but due to the randomness of artillery (which Ech did a great job of explaining through complicated maths), it's difficult to access how likely you are of getting killed. When my enemy has bad artillery players I tend to play a little bit more aggressively if necessary, whereas I would have been more conservative had the enemy had good artillery players. Generally that formula pays off, but you still run into those situations where out of nowhere you find that half your HP is gone due to an ARMED GW Tiger.
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    Aircrewman reacted to foodie in #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread   
    that's what she said
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    Aircrewman reacted to TitoPuente in Changes to TK system   
    OR as an alternative, every match will have a referee on the map. A tier 10 heavy, painted white with the letters UN on the side.
    He shoots anyone not abiding by the non-teamkilling conventions.
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    Aircrewman reacted to Shackram in х1.5 credits and experience when hero loser !?   
    Top 3 damage dealers on each team should get a 30% bonus to XP and credits imo.
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