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  1. PjHRgua.png

    finally some usable internet

    1. ZXrage
    2. Siimcy


      "Usable" (cries in third world) hopefully 100megglebits KaRappa

    3. aaveq


      4K porn too heavy for 120mbps :PogChamp:


  2. 2440x1440 144hz IPS


    MG279Q is here bois :PogChamp:


    1. Folterknecht


      hf - and don't forget to calibrate that thing


      btw - " Adaptive Sync/AMD FreeSync (35-90Hz) " - is that still limited to 90 Hz or is it possbile to extend the Freesync range beyond 90 HZ nowdays?

    2. aaveq


      no idea, wont use freesync either way with nvidia card, but CRU does the job in some display-cases.



  3. good that some kind soul from wotlabs chat gifted loose one to me
  4. res_mods/game version it should be there, edit maxfps to change maxfps in game reduced fps to change in garage though dont go over 300 as jumping between 150 and 300 is unpleasant engine_config.xml
  5. those french shitters oced 1 core lets not forget how bulldozer performed in Blender , thou ryzen now has "real" cores instead of "modules" in terms of fpus , hopefully Risins will make Skylake-X cheaper than these fucking broadwells-e
  6. Another 2 months break from the gym


    Still benching the same,


    hardcore fapping is good for chest bois.






    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Siimcy
    3. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      I prefer fapping to Dragonforce for the Fap Cardio.

    4. Medjed


      if you fap every day and your muscle growth is still lacking you obviously need more steroids and steroids are good for you

  7. yolopassed an exam, people learn 2 weeks for.



  8. stop whinning and start winning games, look at fame t10s lil shitter
  9. usually rarely anyone has big discrepancies between wr and wn8 wr should come along with wn8 ~solo 3k for 60%~+-2% 4k for 70% +-2% 4,5k+++ up to 75% 4k with 60% is obvious shitpadding 3k with 80% is being a shitter who is carried or platooning a lot,
  10. i had @_Steve suicide every game to literally depad w/r that much keep on suckin
  11. its pretty ez with type59 solo too im too poor to play patton and e50 so wz120 it is
  12. 6k penis points wont come that ez, gotta get that shit sub 70% w/r
  13. Type5 DERP




    1. mati_14


      more like

      EDIT: FFS the image 

  14. Or better a profile pic Gotta go full-marilyn-manson and get some ribs cut out.
  15. It`s called Quntran, some people worship the main pedo from it
  16. Hello Bois, inspired by attention-whoring-e50-adztown-something-BabyRage-MyWIN8 i tried to pad some penis points today, and whore some attention along with it. Basically how i played: -focusing full hp targets, unless direct threat to my tonk -not helping teammates, to farm more dmg -not coming back to help @ crucial flank -not comming back to defend if there was something ez to farm -farming ez useless dmg -Steve suiciding to help depad w/r My generous sample size told me so: -padding to 4k is gay, real man pads 5.5k/6k
  17. fucking merons is illegal isnt it i only fuck grills
  18. finished shit-emils, so wait for it 430v2 and wz120 padding winning and dpg farming not like shit-e50-guy incoming Cretraitor
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