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  1. Man I was hoping for some tier 6 people to come and tell us we suck for "running away" from tier 6 or something.
  2. Emprr is a trash clan. All they do is ruin other peoples' games.
  3. btw why isn't this in the articles sectionot? it would make sense to be with the other two.
  4. I can vouch that the t40 isn't a bad stronghold tank at all, in fact I think I play it slightly more than the 64. 64 comes with all the perks of light tanks and is pretty much a t21 that can't mount vents. Type is good at fighting meds and lights reasonably well since it can snap decently with good rof but with all of the plebs driving Japanese travasties it can get annoying. The Skoda on the other hand plays more in trading and has decent dpm with the highest alpha on a tier 6 medium. Skoda also gets a 200mm heat round so heavies aren't really a problem but it struggles against light tanks an
  5. Honestly, fuck wargaming for making stupidly overpowered new premiums. If a premium costs money it almost always is better than the ingame prems these days. Also food for thought: how are tanks like these going to be balanced in Sandbox considering you pay real money for them. Btw that 60kmh is so sexy XD.
  6. First of all, just want to say that we don't need all of these shitty tier 8 prem spam wargaming. PLS. I just looked at the assistant app and noticed a vk 1001p and don't get me started on how much that thing outclasses the lowe. Personally this tank looks pretty awesome although it really irks me how much power creep the original prems are getting. What i really don't like about this tank is that most tier 8s will need to spam gold to properly pen this thing if he's angling around a corner and hiding his weaker shoulder plate. I guess it really doesn't matter with wargaming bringing out
  7. how do you guys i.e. (good players) balance out your bad days with good days? Background info on myself: I run sometimes around 3.1k on my great days and on my bad days i run around 2.4k, but i want to understand when do you guys draw the line when you have a bad day. Sometimes, i feel like there is this imaginary number i have to be above by the end of the day otherwise i can't stop playing. I know sounds really bad and i'm working to just accept bad days, but i want opinions on how other people cope with this. Also how many games do you feel should someone play on average before t
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