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  1. The marks are distorted due to update 1.5. 6 Tier 8 TD left and all Tier 8 TD will be complete.
  2. Anyways, M10 RBFM done. Might be the first in ASIA server, never seen any pubs with the first mark yet.
  3. @EricBrogar As said 4.45 average tier doesn't make you a Tier 10 marks player at all. Think about it, you don't even own a Tier 10 vehicle and you make these rash comments. This topic is for people to show off their 3 marks achievements and proof, you came here for the opposite purpose. Reflect on yourself for once.
  4. Meaning you have another account? Need proof.
  5. T-103 ! ! ! Maybe ASIA's first? 7500 damage overkilled it. The hardest Tier 8 TD challenge in my career.
  6. 4.45 average tier, really? Else give replays session as proof, because it is hard to believe...
  7. Played it on a press account once, really missed it ever since. Thanks black market, 59 battles only, fun.
  8. Lots of things happened, all the Chinese TDs in the game got marked, Jagdpanther II also got 100% marked. T-34-2G FT - 83 Battles WZ-131G FT - 58 Battles 60G FT (The most difficult Tier 5 challenge in my career) - 75 Battles All Chinese TD: Jagdpanther II - 100%
  9. I'm back after a long time with the WZ-113G FT as the main highlight: AMD 178B + 100% Strv S1 110 Strv 103B Strv 103-0 AMX Cda 105 ISU-130 WZ-113G FT
  10. I'm back weaker and more disgusting.
  11. Probably the worst gun I have ever used, shooting tracks with 0 damage output is the ultimate triggering factor.
  12. Still am not convinced that the tier 8 is POS. Done in 77 battles. T28 got a model remake, making it more defensive than the older model. (Maybe it still is?) T95 should really count, but the speed buff made it possible to keep up with HTs very easily. Churchill GC is a definite yes.
  13. Worst utter box of crap EVER!!! I had major AIDS hits everytime my side cheeks get shot with every small amount of angling just to aim the gun properly. The box wouldn't even withstand arty and looses like quarter or more HP everytime some smart pubs fire those HE rounds on the side cheeks. I'm glad its over! Might be the 2nd person on the ASIA server... All in January 2018, WZ became the true meta Ebola in the field and finished it in only 77 battles, whereas UDES became a scout meme on Mines. IS-7 finished with 8.1K damage and Lorraine 40 t is my very first autoloader 3 marks.
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