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  1. only time I enjoyed was when M4A3E2 could out DPM a KV-5 by shooting 160mm pen HEAT
  2. new leaked tier 8 Russian med but its balanced because you can flank it. t. WG intern that they hired for 10 rubles a day
  3. 175 frontal plate what the fuck WG, thank god I left this game 5 years ago
  4. new players in tier X

    is this time for me to come back to farm them for 6k dpg/100 games

    1. Tman450


      Yes, it's like playing against bots. downside is they're occasionally on your team too.

    2. j_galt


      Only occasionally?

  5. well I quit 4 years ago, I gave myself a month in early 2019 to try the game again. I managed to do pretty ok. Like 3.4k in tier X meds, and whatnot. It will definitely take you time to get back to speed. 3.4k is shit compared to the 4k's I used to be able to do.
  6. anyone wanna join my trans shitposting discord, where we just play rainbow six siege? My discord is Danner#5543

  7. so this is WOT 4, almost 5 years after I quit.
  8. i-it's gotten even smaller ;w;
  9. I'd pay for a fps with an age verification for at least 16 or 18+ although red orchestra 2 has mostly older people, I have burnt out on it.

    1. orzel286


      Try other milsims (or at lease "milsims")? Arma, squad, post scriptum, hell let loose?

    2. kolni


      you realise that u were one of the toxic shitty ass 12yo on this forum right and that you are literally trying to escape players identical to the one you were just a few years ago? :serb: 

      fucking kek

    3. Raj


      I mean you're right, and I can see you're right. That's why I'm saying what I'm saying love. I would have been about 16 when I started using wotlabs forums. I was very immature and retarded. Also yeah orzel you're generally right.

  10. well it's relevant now.

    best quote ever.png

  11. well I have 600 torrents to dojins.

  12. anyone want to add me to play siege? 200 hours in 2 months lmfao

    Dickord is mofu mofu#5543

  13. >find someone who used to play tanks
    >find out the people I used to play with became huge degens

    I sometimes find people from the past and it just gets worse and worse!

    1. DirtyACE7


      Why do I keep thinking that your avatar is a cow whenever I see it? Then I look at it closer and realize it's just a girl sipping from a small cup.

    2. kolni


      im probably in the same boat

      not regarding the people i used to play with though, as i've met plenty of them and really enjoyed meeting them.. maybe it's an NA thing :kappa: 

      im probably the degenerate though, plenty of mental issues and resorting to substance abuse to keep life on track :doge: 

    3. Oicraftian


      WOT itself is degenerate. The community is degenerate. And thinking like WarGay makes you degenerate.

      The natural product of involving yourself with degeneracy is that you yourself will become degenerate.


      I guess the Russia meme applies.

      "In America, you degrade game

      In Belarus, Game degrades you!"

  14. is r6s good?

  15. I just want to compare e-peen once more. tfw nobody cares enough to make shitpost threads on how they're the best anymore.
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