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  1. anyone want to add me to play siege? 200 hours in 2 months lmfao

    Dickord is mofu mofu#5543

  2. >find someone who used to play tanks
    >find out the people I used to play with became huge degens

    I sometimes find people from the past and it just gets worse and worse!

    1. DirtyACE7


      Why do I keep thinking that your avatar is a cow whenever I see it? Then I look at it closer and realize it's just a girl sipping from a small cup.

    2. Kolni


      im probably in the same boat

      not regarding the people i used to play with though, as i've met plenty of them and really enjoyed meeting them.. maybe it's an NA thing :kappa: 

      im probably the degenerate though, plenty of mental issues and resorting to substance abuse to keep life on track :doge: 

    3. Oicraftian


      WOT itself is degenerate. The community is degenerate. And thinking like WarGay makes you degenerate.

      The natural product of involving yourself with degeneracy is that you yourself will become degenerate.


      I guess the Russia meme applies.

      "In America, you degrade game

      In Belarus, Game degrades you!"

  3. is r6s good?

  4. I just want to compare e-peen once more. tfw nobody cares enough to make shitpost threads on how they're the best anymore.
  5. Raj

    god you're adorable

    1. Rexxie


      h-hey! thanks!

  6. You look back at who your friends were, you try to find out what happened to them years later. You find blatant degeneracy, some failing in life, and a few who are doing quite well. Weird feel. Dude I lived with had his life completely JUSTed shortly after I left, was incredible, only found out now.

    1. Kolni


      shit happens sometimes, i live an entirely different life with very few traces from the past now compared to a year ago simply because i wanted change

      changing city, started studying engineering instead of pursuing music career etc makes for entirely different social groups as well, so i changed a lot and don't miss the past or the people from it so i don't talk to them

      i'm probably one of the most common people referred to as "oh yeah, what happened to that guy?" simply because i seek change and go through people like butter

    2. Raj


      I see. I guess I've disappeared since I became a hikki neet for last 2 years from health and mental issues. So I probably look like a loser, or am untraceable mostly.

    3. DirtyACE7


      That's simply life as they say. Old friends will drift away and new ones will come into your life. Some people's lives will be going to shit and others prospering.

  7. 3 5 7 is a good matchmaking templa-

    muh 3 5 7.png

    1. Ham_


      Same bro, pull wicked sessions in 10s and 9s but when you play 8s you say fuck it i'd rather play dark souls.

  8. 3moe'd waffle IV, next goal is 3.5k dpg over 50 matches in the 907, and also 3.5k in the batchat.


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Ham_


      Hit 4 tanks and its already 5k god damn

    3. sundanceHelix


      sensei please show me how to play my WT4 better (seriously)

    4. Raj


      I might, just need to fix a few things first, and hit a little bit higher/more consistent level of play.

  9. carbon, can we ever get replays? thanks, regards.

    1. Kolni


      he deaded

    2. Haswell


      Why have replays when you can just have him play your account? :doge:

  10. can anyone hit me up with some replays/youtube vids of reccent super damage whores? preferring tvp 50, batchat, and amx50b at least 4k+ dpg

  11. Batchat is fucking awesome

  12. for you that have trouble understanding armor layouts of tanks, I have put together a small but helpful guide as to why your shells may not always do damage even when doing crits on low armor tanks! I have had to reroll 5x, and play tens of thousands of matches til I got hardly blue stats to understand the intricate system of armor in this game. Here we have a pubby pershing, a typical specimen of the game world of tanks. You as a slightly above average skill player think, oh boy lets get that damage! So where do you aim? lets aim at the lowest part of the tank and try to track him! good boy, you surely will track him and get your goodboy spotting points while damaging him. you fire, but oh no what's this? you not only didn't damage him, you didn't even track him! His track absorbed that module damage, and the shell had a trajectory below the actual hull of the tank. better luck next time fellow unicum.
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