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  1. 6900xt has 26.3 billion transistors, and the 3080 has 28.3 billion. Considering that gddr6x draws way more power, and that nvidia has less vram overall. The 6900xt looks to be a good card if they can get good drivers, and if the ipc is comparable, and maybe price it below the 3080. Not to mention if they can actually produce more cards given whats been happening so far with nvidia card inventory.

  2. get AMD if the intel option doesnt have pcie 4.0 and if you can upgrade to what next gen amd is on that motherboard. AMD at the high end is better if you stream also, less dropped frames and whatnot.
  3. so far red dead redemption 2 and a few games with RT on already are maxing the 10gb out at 4k.
  4. next gen ryzen's middle offering, it's coming in literally a month. You can just get a current gen ryzen and upgrade and keep the same motherboard if it's compatible. Intel has been stuck for a few years now and arent getting any more gains from 14nm and 10nm yields are still in question. If you need it right now get a ryzen 3600 and upgrade to a 4600x (they may call it 5600x). Also AMD doesn't really do limited quantities like that with CPU's, that's mostly nvidia trying to raise margins on their GPUs.
  5. >10gb vram >only significantly better at 4k oh no no no I was right, better turn ray tracing off in bf5 or else you cant run it. Also I'm seeing just over 370 watt usage. I guess Nvidia's strat of getting people to impulse buy worked, the gains are good in and of themselves, but Nvidia overhyped their own cards, mostly for 4k, where they only have 10gb of vram.
  6. Am I wrong when I remember AIB cards actually being cheaper than founders edition cards before the 2000 series? I thought that was the case. Regardless Nvidia has won complete mind-share in almost everyone with their 3000 cards, they're fucking great at advertising, and are gonna retain the top 2 card spots. I just disagree with their practices completely now moreso, and GPUs are hugely overpriced.
  7. t. nvidia shill yes I do think a Nvidia 70 series card should be 300-350$. You dont fucking pay for each performance increase every 2-3 years, thats to be expected in the new card. Yes I understand inflation is a thing so maybe 400 at the most. Nvidia literally shills this idea of getting better performance for 100 or 200$ less, when the cards in total are going up in price each generation. I'm saying an 86% increase in performance from 2080ti to a 3080 is extremely suspect when their best generation leap 980ti->1080ti was a lot letss than 86%, you know about 35% which is normal.
  8. expensive and I doubt their performance gain claims, they're probably literal lies. I'm guessing we get a 3070 super competitor this year from AMD for 150$ cheaper and with a reasonable amount of vram, but with ray-tracing. Need to see independent benchmarks. Weird how people think the 3080 and 3070 are any cheaper, they're same as overpriced Turing shit, and Super cards are going to be ridiculous. The 3070 should be like 300-350$.
  9. idk what rexxie is, if they're a he or a she. I always end up misgendering siege operators so you think I can keep track of that shit? they is fine to use on anyone right? It's not really important to me anyway, I know that there's gonna be Fenrir Large BD's involved anyway.
  10. God I wish Rexxie would invite me to their furry sex dungeon
  11. only time I enjoyed was when M4A3E2 could out DPM a KV-5 by shooting 160mm pen HEAT
  12. new leaked tier 8 Russian med but its balanced because you can flank it. t. WG intern that they hired for 10 rubles a day
  13. 175 frontal plate what the fuck WG, thank god I left this game 5 years ago
  14. new players in tier X

    is this time for me to come back to farm them for 6k dpg/100 games

    1. Tman450


      Yes, it's like playing against bots. downside is they're occasionally on your team too.

    2. j_galt


      Only occasionally?

  15. well I quit 4 years ago, I gave myself a month in early 2019 to try the game again. I managed to do pretty ok. Like 3.4k in tier X meds, and whatnot. It will definitely take you time to get back to speed. 3.4k is shit compared to the 4k's I used to be able to do.
  16. anyone wanna join my trans shitposting discord, where we just play rainbow six siege? My discord is Danner#5543

  17. so this is WOT 4, almost 5 years after I quit.
  18. i-it's gotten even smaller ;w;
  19. I'd pay for a fps with an age verification for at least 16 or 18+ although red orchestra 2 has mostly older people, I have burnt out on it.

    1. orzel286


      Try other milsims (or at lease "milsims")? Arma, squad, post scriptum, hell let loose?

    2. kolni


      you realise that u were one of the toxic shitty ass 12yo on this forum right and that you are literally trying to escape players identical to the one you were just a few years ago? :serb: 

      fucking kek

    3. Raj


      I mean you're right, and I can see you're right. That's why I'm saying what I'm saying love. I would have been about 16 when I started using wotlabs forums. I was very immature and retarded. Also yeah orzel you're generally right.

  20. well I have 600 torrents to dojins.

  21. anyone want to add me to play siege? 200 hours in 2 months lmfao

    Dickord is mofu mofu#5543

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