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  1. 6900xt has 26.3 billion transistors, and the 3080 has 28.3 billion. Considering that gddr6x draws way more power, and that nvidia has less vram overall. The 6900xt looks to be a good card if they can get good drivers, and if the ipc is comparable, and maybe price it below the 3080. Not to mention if they can actually produce more cards given whats been happening so far with nvidia card inventory.

  2. new players in tier X

    is this time for me to come back to farm them for 6k dpg/100 games

    1. Tman450


      Yes, it's like playing against bots. downside is they're occasionally on your team too.

    2. j_galt


      Only occasionally?

  3. anyone wanna join my trans shitposting discord, where we just play rainbow six siege? My discord is Danner#5543

  4. I'd pay for a fps with an age verification for at least 16 or 18+ although red orchestra 2 has mostly older people, I have burnt out on it.

    1. orzel286


      Try other milsims (or at lease "milsims")? Arma, squad, post scriptum, hell let loose?

    2. kolni


      you realise that u were one of the toxic shitty ass 12yo on this forum right and that you are literally trying to escape players identical to the one you were just a few years ago? :serb: 

      fucking kek

    3. Raj


      I mean you're right, and I can see you're right. That's why I'm saying what I'm saying love. I would have been about 16 when I started using wotlabs forums. I was very immature and retarded. Also yeah orzel you're generally right.

  5. well I have 600 torrents to dojins.

  6. anyone want to add me to play siege? 200 hours in 2 months lmfao

    Dickord is mofu mofu#5543

  7. >find someone who used to play tanks
    >find out the people I used to play with became huge degens

    I sometimes find people from the past and it just gets worse and worse!

    1. DirtyACE7


      Why do I keep thinking that your avatar is a cow whenever I see it? Then I look at it closer and realize it's just a girl sipping from a small cup.

    2. kolni


      im probably in the same boat

      not regarding the people i used to play with though, as i've met plenty of them and really enjoyed meeting them.. maybe it's an NA thing :kappa: 

      im probably the degenerate though, plenty of mental issues and resorting to substance abuse to keep life on track :doge: 

  8. is r6s good?

  9. Raj

    god you're adorable

    1. Rexxie


      h-hey! thanks!

  10. You look back at who your friends were, you try to find out what happened to them years later. You find blatant degeneracy, some failing in life, and a few who are doing quite well. Weird feel. Dude I lived with had his life completely JUSTed shortly after I left, was incredible, only found out now.

    1. kolni


      shit happens sometimes, i live an entirely different life with very few traces from the past now compared to a year ago simply because i wanted change

      changing city, started studying engineering instead of pursuing music career etc makes for entirely different social groups as well, so i changed a lot and don't miss the past or the people from it so i don't talk to them

      i'm probably one of the most common people referred to as "oh yeah, what happened to that guy?" simply because i seek change and go through people like butter

    2. Raj


      I see. I guess I've disappeared since I became a hikki neet for last 2 years from health and mental issues. So I probably look like a loser, or am untraceable mostly.

    3. DirtyACE7


      That's simply life as they say. Old friends will drift away and new ones will come into your life. Some people's lives will be going to shit and others prospering.

  11. 3 5 7 is a good matchmaking templa-

    muh 3 5 7.png

    1. Ham_


      Same bro, pull wicked sessions in 10s and 9s but when you play 8s you say fuck it i'd rather play dark souls.

  12. 3moe'd waffle IV, next goal is 3.5k dpg over 50 matches in the 907, and also 3.5k in the batchat.


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Ham_


      Hit 4 tanks and its already 5k god damn

    3. sundanceHelix


      sensei please show me how to play my WT4 better (seriously)

    4. Raj


      I might, just need to fix a few things first, and hit a little bit higher/more consistent level of play.

  13. carbon, can we ever get replays? thanks, regards.

    1. kolni
    2. Haswell


      Why have replays when you can just have him play your account? :doge:

  14. can anyone hit me up with some replays/youtube vids of reccent super damage whores? preferring tvp 50, batchat, and amx50b at least 4k+ dpg

  15. Batchat is fucking awesome

  16. discord ruined my life even more than WOT ever did. Before I knew it I also joined a HRT pushing pedo cult.

  17. So apparantly to measure your dick size correctly you have to measure from the pelvic bone right above and behind your penis. So indeed I have a 7.2 inch dick insteaf of 6.8.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. kolni


      do it standing up, it might be 7,4"

    3. HowitzerBlitzer


      I feel like I explain how to measure dicks to people more than I should... Why can't this be common knowledge already...

      "Point your dick straight up and push down the ruler between it and your body down into the pelvic bone."

    4. Fulcrous


      Ay so that means my asian body is average.

  18. come back to this game after 2-3 years and meh, game is ezpz, I have no idea when I'll return to ~4k dpg and 70%wr though.


  19. Raj

    my wife, are you still around?

  20. you're all insane.


  21. Anybody know someone really good at playing batchat or mediums? I'm looking to watch as many replays/maybe streams as I can of this type of playstyle. By good I mean high DPG. Preferably am looking for someone that full spams HEAT in batchat and does 4.5k dpg or whereabouts.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Raj


      that really triggers me actually, batchat is the best medium for high damage output. I'd like to take a shot at breaking 5k on batchat in a few months on NA.

    3. kolni


      No it’s not. Gun is too unreliable and games aren’t long enough to find several full clips. 

      M48 is king of damage farm, 5,4K overall DPGs have been done which is pretty insane

    4. Raj


      I can't really say anything unless I do something. I've only averaged 4.7k in it when I used two IS-7 meatshields to get my 3 moe... Yeah a long time ago, but I doubt nowadays it would have been much higher dpg. In comparison when I did do full on solo padding challenges it went something like 3800 dpg T-62a, 4000dpg obj140, and 4.2k dpg batchat. Might be that I improved over time or something, and it's not like huge sample size either. 

  22. >AMD """"Drivers"""""

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      It was ATI that had crappy video card drivers. After AMD acquired them, they're not that bad anymore.

    2. Raj


      my ATI 5850 worked fine compared to the issues I've had with RX 480 so far. I did fix it, but it wasn't fun installing 2 drivers that were fucked.

    3. Raj


      alright it took a week, but I "fixed" my drivers. The most recent drivers give me a black screen. I'm now using literally special drivers some dude in Serbia modded or so he says, they don't work for games though, I get a BSOD whenever I play video games, but it works for mining at the least, fuck. 

  23. Remember this fantastic advice from our tank idol Endo.


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