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  1. Just a heads up, @WarshipsToday seems like something is amiss in NA at least. The time intervals are going backwards, no recent portion, and the sigs are busted.
  2. They've also learned not to go for the ram at all times, or even hold back. If they could just mount camo and stay in their smoke, I would probably prefer bot_3 in ranked over some of the human teammates...
  3. I swear I would just throw the computer out of the window if I had 6 Khaba's surrounding me like piranhas.
  4. Just get the memtest running in the evening and let it go for 24 hours. If you see *any* errors with it, that's the problem.
  5. Before I found Wows I remember running into some of the fun matchups in Wot, like a Stuart versus...well, just about any sort of higher tier heavy (hell, medium sometimes). Best bet was probably to drive off something above them and land on them, because the shells were useless. At least with the various levels of overmatch in Wows, there are usually options available - whether HE, shoot higher for superstructure/break guns, maneuver around since ships can't just rotate in place. Anyway, point being that stick me in a T8 cruiser for example, and I can do some real damage to a Yamato, even
  6. It's very competitive at its core - a ship two tiers lower that is well played has just as much a chance to utterly devastate the higher tier ship as that one has to do the same.The higher tier ships are generally better, more hit points, maybe better consumables, slightly higher alpha, maybe reload buffed, etc, but there is no magic impenetrable armor nonsense.
  7. Need to dig up my headset and get on Discord tonight. And then buy a new headset so I can replace the decomposing one. Currently have a Shimakaze, Gearing, Khabalans, Montana, GK, Des Moines, and Manotaur.
  8. Cruisers are particularly vicious, but it's more like "come back after a few thousand games in and terrorize the low tiers with accurate, high DPM, glass cannons".
  9. I don't have enough points yet, so I just have AFT so far. Seems sort of like a less stealthy Kiev. I pretty much just play my Udaloi poorly so far.
  10. I've been stalked. I'll check it out after my vacation to the end of the Earth.
  11. Hasn't pulled stats from around the 14th/15th or so. Sounds like it might be on more than just the NA version as well.
  12. PS, the imgur link in this post is very very very useful. Most of the same locations apply to the NO, Baltimore, and DM. https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/5ltqif/where_to_go_sightseeing_in_the_atlanta/ (And the grind through to Des Moines is fairly easy if you can free XP the modules on NO and Balti, would say it's under a hundred games at that point. The Des Moines is one of my favorite ships.)
  13. PSA the GZ Test I/II will now completely fuck you up in a BB (esp German). I'm sure all the buyers who entered the special testing group are giving great feedback now. "Still a little underpowered, can we buff the secondaries to 15km? Jet fighters please?"
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