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  1. After some thinking about it... Why do we even have to grind crew skills? We already grind: credits gold tank exp. free exp. blueprints bonds tokens battle points And top of all, we pay to have equipment demounted and crews transferred, retrained and skills reset every time we move them. Enough is enough! I want skills and crews to be free and available to everyone from start.
  2. It's the same for every tank. Sluggish tanks just cant deal with it.
  3. Game is in its final stage. We will see one last money grab before it all comes crashing down.
  4. It's ok. Equipment 2.0 didnt do much for IS6.
  5. They will prolly make M60 turret trollish, like they did with M48. It's gonna make M48 the inferior Patton again. If it's not already... It's slooow compared to M60
  6. I would drop them if playing in platoon with mediums or lights. But when solo I like to spot tanks shooting at me. View range works the same on any vehicle class. 445 is ok, but it shrinks really fast. These days everyone has camo.
  7. For me, it only works if shooting HEAT. And the tank is not that good for me to waste so much credits playing it.
  8. You answered your own question. You're welcome.
  9. 1) OP tier X tanks 2) T8 premium, until you have 2-3 3) Equipment How much was Chief last time? 45k?
  10. Trade HP wisely. It's smart to have some HP left for the endgame, IF you can. There are often, literally, thousands of dmg points available for free in the endgame cleanup phase, if you can reach it. Max your vision, and then some more. Food and optics. Vision can sometimes give "free" spotting damage without you doing anything special. Those little 700-900 assisted damage points make the difference. edit: Honestly tho. You need to get lucky or seriously up your game. You are doing 2600 damage with it, you need to add another 1000 if you want to get it "without luck". Plu
  11. Still "can't" play it much. It finishes all available daily missions in one or two games. Tank is beast.
  12. Ppl who have everything else might pick it up to finish the collection. BM showed even trash tanks are "collectible".
  13. Oooo. That's interesting. Insane IQ right there. Thanks!
  14. I preferred minipanthers over the real tier 7 Panther ever since they were introduced. VK3002M and VK3001D, I think those are correct names, haven't played them since 2014. This thing is basically the same tier 6 "minipanther" like the others. But for reasons unknown to mankind they decided to move it down to tier 5 AND give it preferential matchmaker. Why did they do both? Surely, one of those buffs would be sufficient. Note to self: I should play this thing more. I only have a few games in it. Because it doesnt earn battlepass points.
  15. It doesnt meet many high tier stuff. And when it does, it's only tier 6. You can deal with those. A Hellcat is not E25.
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