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  1. Heavy tanks also had a role. I played a lot of brawls in the castle, and it wasnt that hard to get there. Some timing behind the last rock cover was required from the North spawn. And there was cover if you wanted to stop and turn back. Also, faster heavy tanks could get below the sniper hill in the middle... Options, options, options. There was plenty on this map after rework. Truly a great map. I dont understand why they removed it. When we still have Serene Coast. That shit survives patch after patch... And it's only marginally better than Hidden Village.
  2. They are bringing Port back. Wtf. Who wants that shit? Same ppl who want Rhinoceronte? Someone was right, folks at WG really do write crazy ideas on paper, put them on a board and throw darts to pick which one they want to implement.
  3. I can't wait. So excited. More autoloaderreloadersupertrickrobotloaders is just what we needed. Gonna make the game twice as better than before.
  4. They can keep Komarin. But every other map is better than Paris.
  5. I want Northwest back. Why does everyone hate it?
  6. Bobi_Kreeg


    I finished the tier 8 grind, IS-2-2. I didn't notice any of the aforementioned "pros". It's a bland heavy tank with no armor, no DPM, no speed, no view range... I can't solo carry in a heavy without armor... It's MEH. It's funny when you derp Borats with double HE. I'm not sure if it's worth keeping just for that tho. /sigh What other tier 8 tech tree heavies are "good" these days?
  7. And premium shells cost too much on those pew pew tanks.
  8. YES. It has one trick. But it is the most powerful trick in the game. There were never more ridgelines or streets filled with rubble to abuse. -10 depression, powerful turret, AP and APCR ammo, and 320 Alpha straight to the face. As a bonus: it's not completely blind.
  9. One of these wrecked my IS-2-2 last night. There is some stalinium in its armor.
  10. Churchill is alright. Don't scare ppl away from British heavy tanks. It will chew low tier shitters like a boss. Few ppl know about the weak spot behind front wheel. You just have to be brave with it. 3xR, angle, spray n pray, and dont be serious. :-) It's crap when not top tier. But most heavys are like that. Thats why KV2 is best tier 6 ht imo. It just doesn't care.
  11. T29 is best. There is no contest. Historically, there were times when others shined. But those moments were brief. 2nd place... is tough to say tho. I would vote Tiger I. Because it's comfortable and historical. And it actually has DPM to kill stuff. Tiger P is baaad.
  12. I've been in clans with shit stats. Still got Bobject 907 and some tier 8s. You can do it with just being active. But the entire CW thing is booring, and doesn't fit my schedule. I'm sorry to hear you are poor tho. :-(
  13. Could be great equipment. If it lets you survive long enough to make an extra shot... and if you make two extra shots because of it: it's the best thing in the world. Now we just need to prove it.
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