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    Type 4 Chi-To

    What upgrade path to follow? What extra gear would you install? What is the preferred playstyle? Quick summary of the tanks specifications: Mobility: abysmal 12 HP/t ratio, good terrain resistance values and top speed of 45 km/h Armor: frontal 75mm, sides and rear 35mm, huge flat areas Size and camo: it's gigantic, like fucking huge Gun: 155 pen and 135 damage, has 2000 DPM Gun handling: it has .36 acc, 2.1s aim time and -10 depression. Stock turret is bloody awful tho and it ruins all the stats, severely. So I'm going for this upgrade path: gun -> turret -> tracks -> engine -> radio. How big is that in game? By my rough estimate, if you take 2 IS-3 tanks and stack them on top of each other the Chi-To would still be bigger.
  2. Bobi_Kreeg

    O-I Experimental

    It has no armor, but oh boy, this thing is fast! I'm playing it with the 12cm derp and it feels okay. The HEAT round is very derpy but 140 pen with 360 alpha redeems it. It's weird to play, it's more similar to a big medium like Chi-Nu or Chi-Ri than to a heavy tank like KV. Did you guys try it with the 10 cm Cannon?
  3. Bobi_Kreeg

    Worth buying back tier 9s for free xp?

    The most I had at a time was 300k. I used it to entirely skip the old tier 9 Lorraine. <3
  4. Bobi_Kreeg

    New Heavy for the current Meta

    Pz.Kpfw. VII not worth it? I almost have it unlocked, but I will feel sad if I sell VKB and buy a shit tier X instead.
  5. Is there anything still great in the entire Soviet tank destroyer tree, besides the 268 Version OP?
  6. Bobi_Kreeg

    The hidden gem, Obj. 430 II

    If we are comparing 430_II with AMX 30, then WG really went south real deep.
  7. I have returned after a year! And all my premiums are now shit. What a surprise... I used to load something like 14 AP - 14 APCR - 2 HE on my IS-6, it's not working anymore. Should I just go full retard with something like 15 AP + 15 HE? Because I can't pen shit with APCR in tier 9 games, and I hate using it in lower tier games 'cause it eats all the profits.
  8. Bobi_Kreeg

    LT 15

    EU1 rotation right now is Pilsen, Himmels, Kharkov, Paris... So yea, mission is luck. All maps are now Maus maps. I played some more games: Cliff, Stalingrad, Lakeville, Airfield... a bit better maps, but still... fml. All I need now is one Ensk and I'm done for today. Aaaaand it's not Ensk, it's Sacred Valley, I forgot about that one. GGWP Wargaming, you managed to tilt me.
  9. Bobi_Kreeg

    Comprehensive “Best Tank for Mission” List

    It shouldn't be hard... And it usually isn't when I watch other ppls replays. But I continuously get stuck at 6000-7000 combined damage in good games.
  10. Bobi_Kreeg

    AMX 13 90 Fan Club

    That's why you take both. Binocs + Optics, and Vert Stab as 3rd. You still zoom, you still spot on the move, but have the extra view range on Mali, Prokh, Lakeville... You can't do much zoom-zooming at the start of the match anyway, this is not a 2011 version of T-50-2, so why not spot stuff from a bush?
  11. Bobi_Kreeg

    The E 100 Brick Club

    I don't understand. Are you hulldown or sidescraping?
  12. Bobi_Kreeg

    Comprehensive “Best Tank for Mission” List

    LT-15 remains the hardest mission for me. I just can't get that Malinovka in a light. I've been playing all day and all i get is Stalingrad after Paris after Ensk after Overlord....
  13. Bobi_Kreeg

    The M103

    M103 was never about armor anyway, so NO. And removing that roof weakspot would just create more problems, like making Conqueror irrelevant. IF it needs any buffs, than it should get better gun handling. But honestly, it's a fine tank right now. It went through some major changes in the last year. First HD model was crap, but the second one gave it the best armor it ever had. UFP is now relevant, and it was always (a year ago) butter, turret cheeks are 300-340mm in the face and autobounce further to the sides. Competition is tough at tier 9, but M103 was never better. And less arti helps it a lot.
  14. Bobi_Kreeg

    Do the Garage Shuffle - LT edition

    I sold all my tier 8 lights. No regrets. Currently have these for 8s: Pershing, Super Pershing, T25 Pilot, Object 416 AMX 50 100, T32, 110, WZ-111, IS-3, IS-6, IS-5 The ones in /bold/ are super strong. The rest are old meta but still offer some fun. I think I need to grind the UDES, but not sure yet... 416 seems like it's the same fucking thing, with a turret.
  15. Bobi_Kreeg

    STB-1 Thread

    They'll ruin it.
  16. Bobi_Kreeg

    Crusader Kings 2

    I came back to my last game of CK2 after a year... Started as a duke in Armenia under a sunni king... and eventually became an emperor of Byzantium. I managed to grab a lot of land from the muslims and secured my northern and western borders. Any ideas on what should I do next? My options are: expanding further into Arabia war against the Abyssinian heretics attack holy christian orders in north Africa (these dudes (Hospitallers) have hundreds of thousands of gold.) start the painful grind into Europe become a Raja of India (sounds boring)
  17. Bobi_Kreeg

    Do the Garage Shuffle - LT edition

    I tend to disagree. Premiums, and buffed ones are better, sure, but in general the only thing that changed is matchmaker. And tanks with armor tend to profit even more from it imho. VKB and E75 are GOD tiers now.
  18. Bobi_Kreeg

    Post patch thoughts

    How about tier 8 lights? It used to be a really balanced tier (I liked/hated all of them equally) and now it seems to me that M41 90 premium tank is king with everyone else lagging behind... by a lot? LTTB still has some armor, I guess, and BC12t is the only good autoloader, but both have abysmal ammo count. Bloody hell.
  19. Bobi_Kreeg

    T25 Pilot Numbah 1!

    Not a bad tank guyz. It's competitive with the Patton KR, and the rest of not-sheltered mediums. Totally gets shat on by Defender, Patriot, Liberte and Scorpion G tho.
  20. Bobi_Kreeg

    Elited Tank Question

    Yes. It does stay "Elite", and you can turn accelerated crew training on and off. At least my VKB stayed like that after German tech tree was reworked in the last patch.
  21. Bobi_Kreeg

    Daily T25 Pilot Mission Tips

    Best tip for future marathons: Skip those few hard (GRIND FEST) missions and get tier 8 premium for $2 or $3.
  22. Bobi_Kreeg

    Daily T25 Pilot Mission Tips

    10 wins alone is a chore for me these days, let alone 10 wins while top 3 in damage. But I still did it. Because I can.
  23. Bobi_Kreeg

    Object 252U

    It totally killed all my SMM premiums. Every game looks like this: I still win, by capping base.
  24. Bobi_Kreeg

    Humble Bundle: Sid Meier's Civilization

    Great deal at HB this week. Civ 3 complete and Civ 4 complete editions for $1 Civ 5, seems to be complete, and Civ 6 discount coupon for an extra $7 Pay $7 more to get Beyond Earth with map packs and Rising Tide DLC.