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  1. i remember days of reward tank licenses, anyone knows how much they go :armoredcar:for now?

    can Pm me, i was asked to inquire...

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  2. any decent german HT premium available between the tradeins?

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    2. mostlyhybrid


      The VK is rather expensive for a T7 prem, it's around the same price as a T8 prem med. Other than that it seems alright though

    3. hazzgar


      Lowe is amazeballs. you hit 440 without optics, 298 prem round, great acc, useable armor, great gun stats. The only downside is low dpm and alpha but you put out a ton of dmg because the gun is reliable. 

    4. mistervanni


      ty, lowe could fit my playstyle i guess, ill also check the vk coz it seems interesting...lets necro vehicle forum!

  3. mistervanni

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    hi, seems fun so i'll throw my ideas even if they are pubbies:D T-10: 33Type 4 Heavy: 31AMX M4 51: 32 + 1 = 33 i love this, i have an amusingly high wr compared to my average (63% over 250 battles and 2k dpg) and i feel like, when going to the right places where the turret works, i can carry hardE75: 31T49: 31T54E1: 30T30: 30T95: 30M46 Patton: 30WT Auf Pz. IV: 30Jagdtiger: 30Mauschen: 30E50: 30Leopard PTA: 30RU251: 30Object 704: 30Object 263: 30T-54 LW: 30T-54: 31 Object 430: 30Object 705: 30Object 257: 30ST-I: 30Tortoise: 30Conqueror: 31 Foch: 30AMX 50 120: 27 -3 = 24 i like the ones before and after but really this hurts to play. felt like a free xp pit. amx 65t was comfy in comparison for meB-C 25t AP: 30AMX 13 90: 30AMX 30: 30Skoda T50: 30Type 61: 27WZ-111G FT: 27 WZ-132A: 30WZ-120: 30WZ-111 1-4: 31 50TP: 30STRV 103-0: 30Emil II: 27 Standard B: 30Object 430 V2: 27 Centurion 7/1: 27Conway: 27M103: 21 VK4502B: 27
  4. kolni's (rip our wn8 overlord) reply in a XVM focus reddit thread should be stickied for self titled bluenicum & co XD

    i'll take the liberty to stroke his e-peen and link it here



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    2. mistervanni


      i'm not arguing about the XVMfocus. I wish to see what a player who knows his stuff says on what can the "focused" do to improve their situation, in a more welcoming forum than reddit, where it flew over their headXD

    3. Ham_


      XVM sniping threads are 99% ego boosting

    4. Bavor


      So apparently the streamer zoeballz is denying XMV focus by arty exists after reading the post on reddit.   She is posting in some of the WoT facebook groups that XVM focus doesn't exist and that 6 times more hits on a higher WN8 player isn't a significant difference.   She says good players claim XVM focus by arty to make themself feel special or something like that.

  5. sure, im grinding the ism too for a decent crew before passing to the next
  6. how low on the ladder are you accepting to go? XD curious about what lines you are "having fun" on
  7. guess that's what you get for being stuck in NA and winning without having to try, until reality hits you so you hit arty just like you would shoot in a school.... sad, entitled ppl with nice doublestandards
  8. hm can't you connect with your wg account? does it give you some message?

  9. mistervanni

    [Supertest] Excalibur, Tier 6 British TD

    i gotta admit this thing goes a full 360 on ugly and comes out as cutesy at me aalso im sure everyone needs more shitbarn experience now that its gone from our games:(
  10. mistervanni

    Tortellini or Ravioli?

    tortellini as they are from my town, if needs a reason for the king of egg based pasta
  11. mistervanni

    T54 Prototype

    i got it recently and im loving it, especially in the new Frontline mode where the armor can eat shots from almost all tanks while the gun puts up decent dpm driving around. even decided to focus a bit on it in randoms for egoboost
  12. who do we beg for a pasta subcategory in vehicles forum?

    or first we make them in ajnother thread and then they get moved?

  13. mistervanni

    Tanks for SH tier VI VIII

    I recently joined a clan that's very active in strongholds and battles, with the future aim of playing CW. I would like my more experienced tonkers to suggest some tanks that with the new meta are shining in organized play. We have some lists but seeing the results as of late, they are pretty outdated. I own most of the russians/french/chinese used even up to tX and im willing to grind whats left out, so speak away
  14. mistervanni

    Caller's videos/ mon-fri live stream

    vids on calling are always welcome from us noobs in less experienced clanns:D now that we have our spaghettis, its time to try and learn something about team battles after all
  15. when a progetto thread :D

    ...or lend me bucks^^

  16. mistervanni

    Panzer IV D 1:35 (Tamiya, wip)

    when i see those i wish i had my eyesight back XD goodluck on completing it, i love to see wippics^^
  17. mistervanni

    Clan wars Season 8

    im so hyped, will be 1st time i play in one
  18. mistervanni

    IS-4 failed carry cause, reasons.

    hi, i would think before that, during the brawl on east, the two badly aimed shots at the 268 ufp while you guys were being closed in on the back in the heavy corridor costed your team too much hp. While you remained engaged on the TD the is4 sta2 caused havoc on your teammates, seriously diminishing the effect of your lone heavy later on. Im not sure if reacting sooner wouldve saved the day, but rushing those shots seemed to cost you a lot of time. For the lorr thing, with your slow turret turn i'm not sure you could do much more. as for the apcr thing, im too bad to comment,not knowing the is4 munitioning (i m always in the same boat on the is7 and stuff) just my opinion, would love to hear from the more experienced
  19. i mostly play the m46 clones, patriot, mutz and strv so im guilty of having mobility in most cases, but as far as (my worthless advice) what i do, i follow the tanks most likely to carry/to the best position to carry seeing the lineup and map, focus on tracking shots, use the turrets whenever possible, dont waste gold ammo if i wont pen sadface. but yea, seeing as those premiums have some of the better winrates between my tanks, it seems to somewhow works fine. p.s. i wish FAMEs would have credit issues so i can watch them farm in prems,p
  20. mistervanni

    Tanks for SH tier VI VIII

    ty/grazie nabucodonosor a question, would you play optics on the meds or just lights spotting?
  21. mistervanni

    Tanks for SH tier VI VIII

    ill put down a starting list as reference and for easier argumentation: T6- Type 64, Cromwell/Cromwell B, 59-16, T37, T34-85M (and brothers?), Hellcat, KV2/OI T8- Skorpion G,strv S1, Defender/252U, Grand Finals Bulldog, AMX 50 100 (lorr somua?), IS3, Patriot, Lowe, FV and Caern? t54 mod/T44?
  22. duplicate topics are back in forum? check pls i spawned twins 'shy

  23. mistervanni

    Steppes 1.0

    yes in that regard i feel like the strv-tanks got a "buff" with new maps being all bushy
  24. EU ranked hype anyone?

    (i want bonds more than anything...)