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    mistervanni reacted to sr360 in What is wrong with M-III-Y expected damage value ?   
    Right on cue, we get one of these EVERY SINGLE TIME.
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    mistervanni reacted to sr360 in sr360's Non-potato games   
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    mistervanni reacted to Overlord_Prime in Overlord_Prime's Ultimate Gun Mechanics Guide   

    Many of you already know who I am. Some of you may know me from my WGLNA days, others may recall I'm one of the sponsored streamers, and some may remember that I was the creator of the Equipment 2.0 document.

    I have recently finished a guide for gun mechanics for World of Tanks. I figured I'd share it with this community as I was once as fairly active reader.
    Click the text to access the Ultimate Gun Mechanics Guide.
    If it doesn't work from being overloaded, feel free to read the Google published version (poor formatting warning).
    Warning: it is a massive document at over 130 pages.
    I don't expect the community here to be too active. But I figured it's good to have a resource like this in WoTLabs at the very least.
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    mistervanni got a reaction from InconnuGlitterBoy in Returning to the game after a long time   
    also don't expect top tiers tank to have an idea, it is so much faster to get to 10 now that you will see platoons of e100 with sub 5k battles driving to hill in himmels, to then block each other turning the corner
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    mistervanni reacted to arthurwellsley in New tier X Clan Wars reward Medium   
    Source = https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/clan-wars/global-map-season-15-recap/
    called Carro de Combattimento 45t
    Good looking tank.
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    mistervanni reacted to yoyoya2 in Farewell, SirFoch! o7   
    Actually caring about gold spam is one of the easiest ways to hate this game, like that's completely his fault for deciding to do that, this isn't 2012, back then you could actually get mad at gold spam because it was literally p2w
    Fuck arty thought, the only reason why I no longer play that much
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    mistervanni reacted to sr360 in sr360's Non-potato games   
    OK boys, enough low tiers. The marathon has brought me back to high tiers, and I have a quartet of fun games. An STB-1 game where I show off its insane DPM with improved equipment, a T-100 8k spotting game. And just to top myself, I then roll out two games where I break my personal spotting record twice in the space of a few games (13K then almost 15k). @PityFool here are the games you asked for.
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    mistervanni reacted to sr360 in sr360's Non-potato games   
    A game @PityFool will appreciate, vision domination in the T92 on Lakeville

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    mistervanni reacted to 8_Hussars in Analysis of 9853 Replays   
    Please no bully, its a work in progress.

    I finally buckled down and made the WoT replay analyzer work for me and I managed to analyze 9853 of my matches I had available over the last few years (2018 to 2020-Q3).  The Google Sheets link is below if you are interested (with all the raw data).  I really hoped to gather Battle Tier Data and Number of arty but that is not available or very difficult to dig out.  I figured out how to collect Battle Tier, MM schema (e.g. 3/5/7) and arty data.  It is now presented as well.

    The original intent was to examine the data in light of @Private_Miros data presented on EU forums and cross posted here (IIRC) and have something to counter all the "snowballs are increasing" and "match lengths under two minutes" deniers on the Official forums.  

    Not surprisingly they petty much confirmed  @Private_Miros data.  The Match Length numbers although have a few more anomalies on the low side and its NA server.  
    Matches Analyzed:  9853
    Average Match Length:  00:07:06
    Shortest Match Length:  00:01:57 (surprisingly this was a T10 Erlenburg Encounter and not Mines Encounter)
    #Matches under 3 Minutes:  19      0.2%
    #Matches under 4 Minutes:  263    2.7%
    #Matches under 5 Minutes:  1344   13.6%
    #Matches - "All vehicles destroyed" is Closer than 6 Tanks:  1792     18.2%
    #Matches - "All vehicles destroyed" Score is 6 to 10 tanks:  4851      49.2%
    #Matches - "All vehicles destroyed" Score is Greater than 10 tanks:  1837    18.6%

    Other Notes:
    Game mode (Standard 75%, Encounter 15%, Assault 10%) appeared in generally accepted nominal proportions
    Win Condition (All vehicles destroyed 85%, Base Captured 13%, Battle time expired 2%) appeared in generally accepted nominal proportions

    Game Mode (Standard, Encounter, Assault) was not a significant factor.
    Win Condition (All vehicles destroyed, Base Captured) was not a significant factor.  (Battle time expired notwithstanding)
    Match Results (Victory/Defeat) was not a significant factor.

    Average Match Time was pretty much linear (and decreasing) from a score of 15:14 to 15:00 
    Tank Tier (NOT Battle Tier) was not a significant factor for Tiers 7+.  Although match lengths shortened up by 30 seconds or so for Tiers 5 and 6.  Suspect this is map pool related (see below) and not play related.

    the three smallest maps (Ensk, Himmelsdorf, and Widepark) played faster by roughly -1:30 (about 00:05:30).
    the larger maps (Prok, Mali, Erlenburg,  Kharkov, and Fish Bay) played slower by roughly +1:00 (about 00:08:00). Standard  Prok almost broke 9 minutes!


    This crushed my soul...

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    mistervanni reacted to kolni in What could I have done here that woulud have been more help? Strb 103B, Redshire   
    Here are my thoughts during the game, I tried to treat it as if I went into the game so if the criticism's a bit a hard:
    Post-view thoughts:
    Get rid of that ridiculous 30x sniper mouse swipe memory you have. (You're looking at the minimap and orienting in the right direction is my first guess?) You miss things you never would have in arcade and I believe it was about 1,5k on map unawareness alone - even from your (not ideal) positioning. That turns this into an OK game for a loss, just on awareness alone. Kran is a good example - I would have killed that guy the first time around so he would have gotten one less clip off that game. Your E4 would still be alive and could get 1-2 more shots off, which brings me to the next thing: Look at the bigger picture more. Chain reactions need to be a part of your thought process. 9-0 was winnable this game the second the Chieftain showed mid. That's information that normally wouldn't be assumed so the average Redshire game doesn't look the same anymore. You're now less likely to win middle - but more likely to win 9-0. Redshire is about map control, as an Strv you need to think about where your best position is RIGHT NOW, not just when entering battle. I do this every 5 seconds, minimap check and brain checks get part of your muscle memory eventually too. This could have been the difference that turned this from a snowballing loss to an even fight. You are an Strv. What's the purpose of this tank? It's dealing damage. That is literally the entire point of the tank - so equip for it. When an enemy makes a mistake, unlike other TDsm you need to get more than a single shot off to make their mistake into an advantage. 0,1s matters here.  No food is outright stupid - don't play the Strv if you can't afford to max it economically - it's purpose kinda defeats itself when it's not utilized optimally for it's purpose. If you played a Grille here for example. your game could have been pretty good with your identical positioning and shots you took excluding not backing up in open without a spotted 183 on the map - that can and will sometimes end your game completely. It's not often but it happens - see it coming. Positioning - I saw a potential 7k game when 9-0 (that's 2 minutes before you died and the game was over) was collaping with several two shot tanks - you didn't notice. I can't tell if I was right, but I saw a chance that I could take. These decisions is what can turn games around. Strv's are great for doing just that. The dream of tanks running into you one by one can happen here if you play it out right but your positioning didn't allow for it so the chance won't appear.  I hope I gave you a better understanding of how to play this tank. You have mechanics, awareness, decision making and positioning to work on to play this tank in the best way.
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    mistervanni reacted to Overlord_Prime in Equipment 2.0 Builds   
    I think I already touched up on this a few pages back. LNES is significantly better than CVS when it comes to view range control in open spotting scenarios.

    There was supposed to be a section in my document about using LNES to counter CVS but I scrapped it after realizing it would add another 2~3 pages. The gist is that you're able to use LNES to reach a critical camo value to render CVS useless for bush spotters because you reach the critical camo value of ~42%. The reasoning why it's bad though is you're wasting an equipment slot when there are already other vehicles in the game capable of hitting that critical camo level without LNES - at which point you're wasting an equipment slot to equalize the vehicles and effectively putting your vehicle 1 equipment slot down.
    As said earlier, in non-bushed or open spotting scenario, LNES > CVS simply because CVS has no huge impactful effect on camouflage of vehicles  on its own and this extends to the camouflage added from LNES to your vehicle.
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    mistervanni reacted to sr360 in sr360's Non-potato games   
    @Deus__Ex__Machina this is CVS at its best. T-100LT on Prok with 12.5k spotting.

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    mistervanni reacted to MagicalFlyingFox in Geforce gtx graphics cards: which is best for high-end performance in WOT   
    Another update: 1060 still good for WoT 3 years later even at 1440p. Max graphics still over 60fps.
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    mistervanni reacted to kolni in [FREE] Replay Reviews - 3 Games per Player   
    • 3 games per player (you’ll need a forum account to post your replays here). 
    • Forum accounts need 5+ posts and positive karma to be eligible
    • Tier 9/10 only - No LTs or arties
    • No Ranked Battles or Grand Battles
    • Can be any type of game (carries, derps and in-betweens) but the games you take most from are where you are under pressuree and struggle in general with what to do. Same tank all 3 games and within a short time frame is what I would prefer. Cherrypicking great games gives you advice less relevant for you but you can also do things like 3 really tricky games in 3 different tanks.. you choose what you submit. 
    • All submissions fulfilling the reqs until end of July will be accepted, all skill levels are welcome and I will do my best to adjust 
    • FRESH GAMES. When you link them here, a quick rundown of what you were thinking throughout the game helps me a lot and most importantly gives you some footing to look back to after the review, 
    • Recording tempo will be one per day until people either stop posting in which I’ll allow someone that already posted (first come first serve of the already reviewed) , to post 3 more. (New players get prioritity) One player gets 6 replays at most. If I don’t have anything left in the work queue I might go over my own gameplay. 

    • I will post the reviews in this thread and quote /tag the players. 

    ” End of July is just when I won’t take on more replays, those still left to do will obviously be done as I have weeks of time after to do so
    this’ll kick off thursdsy and I’ll hard cap it at 20 submlsslons
    Got some free time again (handed everything in for the year to move forward next semester) and while visiting parents during this week and next I have close to nothing on my schedule until the very end of July and as hand is still healing an hour or so less of use by talking the time to do these might not be so bad.
    I also found my Blue Yeti at my parents place and finally bought.the right USB port slot for it’s broken cord, now with a mic that doesn’t sound like trash I might just install an extra client with different graphic settings to improve the video quality overall. (Anyone to confirm that this works so you don’t hsve to reset graphics/clientside every time playing after having recorded beforehsnd? I’m guessing yes if you just run the replsys through a game on another drive? If someone knows please answer so I don’t have to try it and fail)
    Still super casual on the fly analysis, just better looking and sounding. Might consider trying some small editing stuff depending on how time consuming this gets. (Currently thinking about borderless capture and a transparent drawing tool live (not having to follow mouse cursor (as it is normally too small for people to notice you pointing places m in game) and some similar stuff like basically being able to stratsketch the in game minimap.
    hmu if you know how this could work! 

    yun9#9973 or PM here, or post the replays in the thread
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    mistervanni reacted to kolni in Kolni's Story from Pleb to 6K (personal story, no gameplay advice)   
    Alright, so since I've been a part of WoTLabs for so long I thought I'd share my story on how I got here. About WoT, going pro, being the best and the wonderful and not so great times I've had because of it. This is just a personal story, for some it can be entirely pointless but some people might enjoy it.

    (This is purely my experiences that made me the player I am today,, so if you're not interested in that type of thing this probably isn't for you.)

    Let's start off at the very beginning. I was 12 or 13, my uncle introduced me to this game. After an hour of playing or so I got kind of hooked, but as I was kind of underdeveloped in some areas at the time I started focusing on very different things than what my reasoning now will never see. I got a code with a T2 Light Tank, and it made money! Great, I could spam the OP round day in day out and earn credits along the way. T18 was also a stupidly strong tier 2 so I kept myself to playing those two. I liked being in charge, dictating the game. 2K games later (yes you heard that right) I got bored of the T2 gameplay, and decided to try something a little higher tier. 
    I made my first forum post on the official forums frustrated about players rolling me over, and I was lucky enough to have Poltto (old EU Legend) answer me there. He gave me some great advice on how to think about the game that I still carry with me. Being sure and confident in your ability aids you just as much as perfect mechanics will. That belief had some sort of value. I am diagnosed with autism, so I found this very soothing. Then I looked at Poltto's stats and was amazed. How in the actual fuck? At the time I had just gotten my first tier 9 (M46 Patton) with about half his outputs in everything. 
    I got curious about player skill, something I hadn't really considered as games weren't competition to me. Now they were. It felt like I had figured it out, getting to enjoy the satisfaction of improvement. I started off by watching various streamers (not RU streamers though as their meta lets them get away with way too much stupid shit) to both find openings and rotations mostly, I always liked low armoured assassin champions. I picked up Shaco in League and climbed pretty high in the first season, getting into the real mindset of the drive you need to actually improve to the point you want. Taking this process into WoT wasn’t really difficult, it almost came naturally.
    Fast forward about 6 months: 
    I found WN8 and WoTLabs from two OM guys that just crushed my entire team and frustrated as I was, flamed in all chat. They told me to look up WotLabs and the Elitist+Stronk Pluton channels in game to meet some stronger players.. I looked at it, and the metric seemed pretty good. I thought... is this what people use to measure their strength in? Probably not. I saw myself on that ladder, very far down. I played ranked solo queue in League where  people try harder, so I improve. II had the same feeling for tanks, I needed to go up the tiers. Once I felt improvement, I couldn't stop. That was it. The urge, and while I had a career in music production right off the bat in high school.. This was what I really wanted to do.. 
    I started looking into the numbers, who the great players were; emu87, zzlzxzzlzx, espanol and unknwn comes to mind. You are not there yet, but you can be if you improve is what I told myself.. At this point I had about 2 years of playtime, not doing anything else but s3alclubbing in game every game I played since higher tiers were going so poorly. 1 year later I decided to move up the tier trees again for another try. I wanted to become good at the game. It felt like a good challenge, and I like a good challenge. 
    I also started platooning with some better players, Draz_H from S3AL in particular had a 6K game in his Type 59 on Kharkov the very first game we played together so I was just blown away. He offered to give me some pointers and explained that preserving HP and a good opening is normally enough to have a good game. The trick to this according to him was reading the line up according to the map state. I never really figured this concept out until then. Time to find more information to build my gameplay upon.
    (Now about at 1500-1600 WN8)
    Here comes the next contender: Hellcat (pre-nerf).
    I  watched EJ play it in an interesting way I’d never seen before.. Concepts like vision and kiting were easier to put together as parts of the game's inner workings while watching someone else. 
    I was 1500 WN8 56%WR at the time (s3alclubbing buffed my WR, as I said.). of this happening.. I grew something inside of me, I wanted to improve. And today, that desire still hasn’t gone away, It’s fueled much, but also caused much frustration along the way. I was learning now, reviewing my own retardation in replays for months to get a better sense of right and wrong and I finally felt some clarity. A long and dark path, probably lonely too. Perfect for me. I am going to be the best at this video game. Period. I decided this in high school. Hellcat spamming was a great teaching tool for understanding vision that I still appreciate today, even if I refuse to play anything below tier 9.
    My high school years were spent producing beats and sampling old disco songs into EDM, honestly a very simple thing to do if music theory is something you master. I was really going my own way and already carving it out before adulthood. However, this game. World of Tanks… Something about it made me always want to play.. Eventually I started playing over composing in my free time instead of balancing the two. Seeing one’s work come to life is something truly special - but WoT filled another void within me that I honestly liked better. I had fun, was confident and started to make sense of it all. 
    Streams like EJs and advice from the many players on here (X3N4, _KT, Patient0, Poltto, Kewei + plenty of other of you) really helped me grasp the more difficult parts of the game and as such, I started improving rapidly. My period as Unicum before Super Unicum was the shortest between the cutoffs on the spectrum, and I really started liking the game. I played well, got into some stronger clans at the time (KITTY and S3AL) where I could regularly play with players of the same caliber and continue evolving. 
    Then WoT introduced Marks of Excellence. I was still on a shitty MacBook Pro using a Wine wrapper that couldn’t load 4 maps at all and crashed every 3rd game, but I managed to 3mark the E 50. That was a very big milestone for me, but I felt that my PC really kept holding me back. My parents were nice enough to support me in gaming as my diagnoses hadn’t been discovered yet (although they were most definitely there and parents were aware) and that doing something I simply genuinely enjoy might be worth spending some money on. My parents were musicians growing up so they always supported that path. Gaming was new and something my mom especially had trouble seeing as anything more than a time-sink until I got good and showed her my Paypal after 2 months of non-stop boosting later on .I’m jumping forward in time here but I don’t think family stuff has a place here, but I’ll at least say that this was eventually resolved.
    I got a decent PC, a GTX 970 which was brand new at the time and other fairly solid components making the game suddenly run very smoothly on high quality. It took me a few days but past that? What an improvement. I went from barely being able to mark the “easy” marks to doing moderately hard ones in 75 games or less. The jump in DPG went from scratching the 2K region to reliably hitting the 2500-2800s in tier 8s. I felt ready to move up to tier 10 and get good there now. I spent most of my time with tier 8 as it was so much easier, and I liked marking premium tanks for their income during the challenge. I was never much for skirmishes until I actually joined S3AL a while later. During this time I had just left KITTY to join WaterWar’s clan LAVA and this is probably where I had the most personal growth as a player, KITTY’s Commander (GetLucky) was also swedish and liked playing with me a lot, as he was a 4k player and I was hovering at 3k wn8, I paid a lot of attention to his play. He played very passively to my surprise but eventually explained that patience tends to lead to better decisions as long as you don’t take too long. In LAVA I started playing Ranked TBs and skirmishes as they were so good for credits, and I also got the hang of organized play. Randoms were still the thing I enjoyed most until I joined S3AL after LAVA died and we were doing T6 fastbois. So much banter, soundboards and genuine fun on the TS that included a social aspect of the game I didn’t really experience until very late in my career. I found it fun, but randoms were still my jam. We had tons of fun with T-22 memery, tons of top clans coming together to.. Uh… complete missions, and all that stuff. 
    At this point in time I was very much a platoon player, me and Constie (remember him?) pretty much played everything together. but 3 man platoons always felt like cheating to me.
    As I was now drowning in credits, I could finally buy and play tier 10s without issues. I really liked the BatChat, and spammed it until I 3marked it (1700 games.. lol) until I moved to the next. I realised that mostly what I was searching for was a challenge, more particularly one that fell in line with something I’d taken interest in. The 3MoE hunting ensued. After having done one tier 10, I believed I could do them all. That’s what I set my goal as, the DPG hunt got pushed aside in favour of marks.
    I think this would be late 2016, as I started topping DPG charts on tier 8s and finally hit the 7k combined recent/overall cutoff FAME had to get into the clan. I asked X3N4 and he sent me an invite. I felt like I made it first time I joined FAME, best clan in the world so I am one of the best players. It wasn’t until here I discovered ESL and found that super interesting. After a few months in FAME I got a Whatsapp message from Knäckebröd asking me to try-out for their team mid-season as genghiswolves had been accepted to his uni and couldn’t play anymore. 
    Placing wasn’t great either as they were already so behind that we couldn’t get back into the league despite having a positive record past my joining. In this environment I was still pretty new, everyone was a better player than I was used to so the tricks to beating bad ones didn’t work since they wouldn’t fall for them. Cohesive gameplay and real time strategy became the big thing to focus on as flawless mechanics should be a no-brainer here. Boosting became a thing and I really went in for it to provide some extra value to my team, we were 8 and 7 people could play so as the new guy I’d have to fight for my spot if I didn’t do well. Luckily I never had to. But the boosting (climbing) times, me, Xaneleon and Failware (all on Knäckebröd, now Xane works for WG and Failware is considered FAME 1st team and one of the best players in the world in organised play) we all spent 20+ hours on Steppes and Mines to figure out new stuff for strats for the map. 

    I really liked FAME. The motto of “it’s not personal, you’re out if you don’t have what it takes.” really groomed me. I wound meeting some of them in Katowice during the -16 EU playoffs, had a great time and I think there’s still some legendary clips from Dakis stream from when we were there. I graduated high school around this time, and started boosting on my free time. WGL training + boosting was basically what I spent my day on, earning enough to get by and fund my music stuff (studio time isn’t cheap) and we set our eyes on playoffs in KB that’d mean a decent piece of prize money. We trained 3 times a week, sometimes against EU or RU teams in 3 hour blocks of perfecting strats, after they had their turn trying their strat - we had ours. Sometimes the team would want us to adjust strats to counter to see if we could beat it and sometimes they just wanted a standard defense to fight against so in general the training varied heavily from team to team. The russian teams always went full yolo every single game no matter what so you barely gained anything from the games if you didn’t just crush them in fighting them before they started applying any sort of strategy, funnily enough the EU silver league was MUCH better training partners than the russian ones, even some RU WGL teams were a complete mess to talk and organize with. We weren’t a top team even if KB placed 5th the season before so we mostly got practice times with EU teams and silver RU/EU teams as the top EU teams trained vs eachother and russian top teams most of the time. As I joined, the relegation was already dangling over our heads so I could pretty much play without pressure. 
    I really liked the 7v7 7/68, the attack defense + boosts made it all about strategy and very little about RNG as the better team actually won most of the time compared to randoms. 
    My very first ESL game was against KAZNA, the #2 team considered by pretty much everyone as DiNG was stomping most teams. I played out of my mind, and we were up 4-2. Sadly they were prepared for our Ghost Town strats (4th map) and we found ourselves in a tiebreaker, here the stakes were insane. We were expected to lose this match and even had a W/L route planned to remain in the WGL if we did and we went in kinda uncoordinated as I had only been practicing the game-mode for a week and was pretty fresh. If we won this match we would surpass The Lucky Bunch, putting us outside the relegation risk zone. KAZNA sadly had a better Cliff strat than we did and won the game 4-5. As my first WGL game, the comeback really made a dent in my confidence. After that loss, the team sort of lost its charisma and the rest of the season was depressing. After the relegation there was a major league in between silver and WGL where we played, but most players moved on after KB got relegated. I focused on streaming after this point. 3MoE hunting was my jam, and I was getting good at it. Aim_Drol eventually released a spreadsheet of the top 100 markers on the servers and I found myself on the top 10. I decided to mark every tier 10. That was my goal. So I did. It was a long grind, the STB-1 especially almost broke me. Once I had hit that, I felt completed. What now? I was already good at the game, with Daki and Jostra shaping me competitively and much of the WGL training made me a much more consistent player.
    However, I didn’t really know what to do. Quit playing? I have completed what I set out to, but I’m too good at this to quit. Then I remembered; I want to be the best. I looked at my service record and saw the demise that the play4fun me caused before I started taking the game seriously - so I sent a ticket in and resetted the account. I got to keep all rewards so I had a 260, 907, T-55A and all my premiums along with enough 907 ammo/consumables for 1K games. 
    Account was resetted, and I wanted to wait for the right time to start playing randoms on it. I grinded regular TBs and Skirmishes to get a good enough crew for the 907 in randoms. I had already marked it twice before so I wasn’t too worried, but I need at least 3-4+ skill crew if I want to challenge the top DPG players.  On this account, every game mattered. I could not autopilot or not take it seriously, so I invested very heavily into performing. I was streaming most of this and it grew a bit, and the 907 grind was kinda funny. Reserves or FL didn’t exist then so you had to actually grind the crew you wanted from scratch, otherwise I had to complete the first set of Stug missions to get a female crew - which would require playing random battles. I wound up starting my 907 grind with a 100% crew at 80% on BiA in randoms once the reserves came as 50 games let me hit 3 skills if I used x5s and boosters right. Still, the first 150 games got me to 94% on the mark. I thought to myself that hmm.. Maybe it’s just really OP? 
    But then I had 1k games straight of bullshit where I fluctuated between 80-90 and just couldn’t get a good enough streak of games to complete it. But I wouldn’t give up. I was the number one 907 player on Hall of Fame 4 months in a row, without the third mark completed. That really frustrated me. I was the fucking best player of the tank, how can I not get it? The mark req was at it’s peak (6600) and I was playing out of my mind. There were like 2 players on the server at the time with a higher DPG and they didn’t have anywhere near the battle count (100 vs 1K) so I couldn’t fathom how I couldn’t get it. I decided to put it off after hitting 1k games and started playing other stuff and really saw how much that I’ve improved. I had gone from a typical 3k 50B player to topping the DPG chart with zero time on it in between, and the same applied for many other tanks. Tier 10s were getting marked before 100 games. I was really peaking. At least I thought so. 
    Carbon was basically the only guy who reliably beat my DPGs at this time and as Luna (not Wotlabs Luna) knows Carbon, and me being in the same clan as Luna both in S3AL and FAME, I got some advice and replays to learn from. I inspected them very closely and learned a lot. Carbon’s greatest strength that I gathered from his replays was that he always knew what was going to happen and positioned in time, in every tank. Timing and gameflow became something I inspected more closely and I really developed in consistency even if my median game went down slightly, my average went up because of the insane carries coming more consistently once I had Carbon’s mindset down - coupled with my own. This is also when I started boosting a lot. I had been boosting 2016-2018 and faired well, but when I really competed for the top is when I got a lot of offers. I made a living out of boosting after having rerolled, some stream donations and the boosting money was enough to pay for the crucial stuff. I didn’t mind gaming all day, I still liked the game. I still do. This meant that I drifted away from music, lost touch with a lot of my friends in the business as I dove into gaming. I wanted to be number 1. This account was a fresh start and I was going to make sure of it. At 5K games it would show up on the leaderboard, so I needed a 5500WN8 overall to take the spot. I didn’t want to cheat my way there by abusing light tanks, or cheat WN8 by the tier average bug so I went straight for the tier 10 DPG tryharding again. 
    I watched some movie, can’t remember which (sorry), as I was trying to fall asleep but couldn’t. The day before was awful as I had gone from 93 to 82 on the 907 mark. Something there just really inspired me. I went for a walk at 4:30 in the morning for about an hour and then just got to it. I decided that this is it. I’m completing this right now. I turned on the stream, feeling torn if I should stream it (I always play like 5-10% worse on stream, never been able to shake it) or just grind without viewers over my shoulder. I decided to stream it, and my god if that wasn’t the best session I ever had. 7,2k average combined across 25 games. The most tilting thing happened though, as the game that shaved off before apparently was a big one meaning I had to do 7.8k to get mark from a 94.95 across the finish line. This was the third time I had the mark in the 94,9X range, and I wasn’t going to choke this time around. Incoming triple arty full tier 10 Karelia. I was so tilted as it’s one of the worst maps to get the REALLY high results on even if it’s decent at getting adequate ones - especially the three arties. Luckily the enemy team just runs into my gun and my team doesn’t do much but take damage for me. The mark mod told me I was across the finish line, at 8AM I could finally let this challenge go. The rest of the game I played out perfectly with the pressure gone, wound up turning it into a 95,7 percentage once the mark actually completed. With it, I also went over 5K games and finally took first place on the WoTLabs WN8 leaderboard as the only 6K WN8 player on any server at the time.
    This was also during the time I boosted 3MoEs for days on end, getting into it eventually lead me to just watching movies on a second monitor and autocompleting everything non-tier 10.
    The last thing I did was join Majstoras silver team FAME 7x7 where we literally crushed everyone and still stomped WGL teams in the qualifier - but as Majstora (our FC and a WoT mastermind) was moving to England with his brother Maresca (also on our team) our team started falling apart. We still had the WGL slot, and some players decided to stay and formed a new team, Savage Squad. I decided to leave because without Majstora I didn’t think we would compete with the top teams. We were scrimming them and going evenly, but doing some trainings without voicecoms (training personal decision making - it’s a trick to make players better on initiative so the FC has to micromanage them less and can focus more on big picture)
    Now I felt burned out, that grind really took a while and our effort into the ESL kinda was the last I had in me. 6month hiatus ensued where I got back into music again as it’s a hobby I felt I had neglected for so long. I quit boosting too so I could distance myself from the game. 
    Coming back to WoT casually afterwards, the game changed a lot. Maps were remodeled much to my dismay and so many gimmicky things made the game harder to play. Coming back I definitely felt washed. Playing on cygaN_’s account as I didn’t have my own, a great polish friend of mine from S3AL. I also used User’s account for some challenges, like the ISU-130 (also almost broke me) and the T-44-122 to complete some of the rarer marks in the game that I wouldn’t have access to otherwise. 
    After that, cygaN_ gave me an account from a great friend to play on. Wujaszek, an account that had ground out everything, 500mil credits and about as much invested into consumables. He said that he was done with randoms and that I was free to use the acc as I wanted as long as I just don’t log in when he’s online playing FL or skrims (having to check the clan website page before logging basically). I was really happy he’d just give me the freedom to use his acc for whatever I wanted. I missed out on all the ranked stuff but he didn’t, so I had 4 full sets of improved equipment I could put on. I also had every tank in the game available outside of the low tier premiums, and nothing was 3marked. This felt like a really nice time-sink, but the game changed so much that I had to relearn much of what I already knew. Tempo sped up a lot and lights were figuring out better bushes and I had to adjust. For very long I wasn’t anything special, I could still 3mark any tier 10 with ease but the reward tanks kept giving me trouble. 121B wasn’t more than 100 games to do after the buff, but the rest took a while. It was my first M60 attempt and while I had the M48 playstyle down the mobility really changed the way to play the tank. 800 games later I took it and wound up really liking the M60. High mobility, high pen and a strong gun felt like the perfect combination to me. I wanted to repay him for letting me use his account, but as I’m marking pretty much everything I play - he considers that enjoyment enough since he can only play on weekends anyway. Great guy, we can’t communicate very well as he’s polish and can’t speak english but nevertheless he is one of my best internet friends anyway. 
    This meant I had to change the way I played the game, from a more aggressive approach to map control to a mistake-capitalising once. Surprisingly this came very naturally, and once able to combine the two I really started having pop-off sessions like never before. 4K+ing tier 9s, nearing 4500. At this point I kept feeling burnouts after 2-3 weeks of playing the game, realising the fun only lasted for a week or two. So I modeled my gameplay after this. I decided to play casually, but well. Plenty of breaks in between, playing mostly once every other week if at all but I was still able to showcase some good gameplay. 
    I started the engineering programme at uni at this time, so now I had studies, WoT and music to juggle. WoT just fell short of the other two at this point my life, so I barely played at all during 2019. Studies came first and music was finally going well again, started doing live shows (DJing) and having fun without gaming. WoT slipped further and further away. Whenever I wanted to waste time, League was my choice of game - or I’d go back and speedrun Mirror’s Edge (still top 20 on two maps xD) rather than having to learn the changes of WoT. 
    But every now and then, I pick WoT back up - generally for a challenge to see if I still got it. This is how I play the game now. I spam games under a short time period and put it off afterwards, it works for me but I’ll definitely admit that playing WoT is freshware, you need regular exposure or you’ll drop in skill. 
    I like WoT now. Wheelies and arty can still suck a dick but I am having fun playing this way, trying hard enough I am definitely able to keep up, but there are no stakes - I have other things I should be doing if WoT goes poorly, so I can quit without anger and move on to the next thing right away. 
    I managed to 3mark the Chieftain which was the last very, very hard reward to do for me. I enjoyed the grind, even though it was 300 games long between 85-90 until the 90-95 happened right away with perfect maps and not a single game drop. Past that I also felt it left some void, DPGs on this account doesn't matter because these tanks have all been played by someone before me so it’s not something to shoot for, but I think that’s a good thing. No pressure. I can play the game, have fun and not care if things don’t work out. I am very willing to admit that I am washed up from my prime (I’m a 4800 player now, not a 6k player) and recent CWs with FAME have shown that I really got more to learn. I missed Daki flaming me in some weird way so feels good to be back in something recognisable. 
    3 weeks ago however I broke my hand, initially it looked very very bad. Right hand too so no mouse use. This also meant I’d miss the campaign which I only joined because there’s just so few things to do in Sweden during COVID that I found it to be something I might enjoy. I missed the FAME guys anyway after meeting them in Katowice. (70% of the WGLEU was FAME, and all playoffs teams had at least majority FAME players + one or two russians so it really was just like meeting the best players of the best clan). Most of them are really nice, Barry and Skarium especially were super fun to meet and hang out with.
    We did a smaller S3AL meetup in CPH a while back too, but it quickly turned into a who can beat Fosco in a drinking contest that the weekend is a bit of a blur
    Luckily my hand is healing well, I played again yesterday and with a brace I can use a mouse to about 90% accuracy which is enough for WoT. Also had my first tier 9 10k game, super rusty.. Oh the irony. Now I just play to perform, and when I don’t.. I just quit. I feel like I’ve escaped the clutches of this game's addictive lure. I’m really happy I can still perform, and I’ll keep trying until that’s no longer an option I think. But now I am in charge, not the game. There is no “go next” after dying early, that is an ALT F4 and I can leave WoT behind without dwelling on it. 
    This may just be pointless rambling, but I thought I’d write it up. As I said, there is absolutely zero gameplay advice here, simply my story on how I got to where I am right now. I’m still not peaking I believe, as I’m reaching higher highs than when I literally played this game for a living well over a year tryharding my ass off. Development really is a fickle thing and I really do think peace of mind and critical thinking is a bigger part of improvement at the top than anything else.
    I’m going to end this on a more sombre note. I was genuinely addicted to WoT. I never got help, but I valued games over things like sleep, food and socialising. That was a big mistake I made, and the one bit of advice I’ll give in this thread is to not let the game take you over. Yeah, you will likely be great if WoT is all you ever think about - but then the game is really just playing you. Improvement is slow but concentrating it into shorter timeframes really doesn’t do you any favours. Taking things from past games is what helps you improve, and a replay review will give at least 10x the information than just “going next” will in that game.
    Today I like WoT, I have fun playing on my own terms and I can look back on my WoT days as something I enjoyed. There’s no hatred, but the game really didn’t do me any favours outside of the game. I have many regrets and going down this path is honestly one of them, even if I achieved what I wanted in the game I think pursuing other goals outside of it would have made me happier. I’ve accepted this though and it’s not bothering me. 
    I don’t know where I would be without WoT though, it really ignited the grinding and improvement spark that I think can be well put to use if you find something interesting enough to keep it alive. I haven’t found that IRL yet, but I’m gonna keep looking. It also showed me how an elitist attitude necessarily isn’t a bad thing, and that competition means making hard decisions and having a strong mental. There are definitely things I can take with me to help me in other areas. The strive for being the best, actually getting there and feeling the relief of completion is honestly astounding. When that endless drive is fueling you, why pump the brakes? Take your shot. I’m conflicted about what happened when I did mine, but talent/hard work pays off if you lean into it so I think it’s a good idea to shoot your shot when you finally see an opening. I'm especially thankful for knowing that I am able to power through no matter how bad things feel, the 907 really had me in shambles but sheer will is enough to set things straight sometimes. 
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    mistervanni reacted to 1bravo9 in Hello Everyone   
    I have been playing WoTs for years and knew all about the Stats portion of WOT Labs but not the forum.
    I love the resources that a forum provides for hobbies and things like that.
    Unfortunately I found very little legitimate, constructive conversation at the official forums.
    I was so relieved when I saw this.
    Thanks everyone for having me.
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    So, my second tier-10 tank to reach 100 games (in recent times) as I've been spamming games in it for the battle pass. 57% win rate, 2,425 DPG with 824 average assist. About middle of the road in my tier 10 tanks in terms of DPG, but win rate is the best of all my tier 10s with 100 games or more (next closest is the Cent AX, most of the games were played as the FV-4202 back in the day, I dunno, I just seem to win a lot in British tanks).
    It's quite fun to play overall. It has clear strengths and is overall a great package. Excellent gun (although a bit derpy at long ranges sometimes), excellent DPM, super-strong turret (although big guns or HEAT on flat ground can consistently go through the commander's hatch), hull armour that will absolutely troll even same-tier non-gold rounds and lots of spaced armour (including fat tracks) to eat HEAT so it can also sidescrape.
    Main disadvantage is that it's slow-ish, it's much better on defence than offence, the ammo rack is made of wet paper and the playstyle is fairly repetitive, although I find it quite fun because it's fairly easy to play (go to brawl, find hull-down spot, trade as best you can, once enemy is broken, push and use DPM to finish off low-health targets).
    I think it's still fun and worth the grind, the last three tiers are all fun, although getting there without free XP is pretty painful.
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    Hi, new player here...someone suggested this was a great place to learn from others. I've played pvp's in the past, not so much recently but isolation has pushed me back into gaming. Found world of tanks and giving it a go    My intention is to learn at the lower tiers first before moving up.
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    Hey, I just thought I'd make a list of all the current (IMO) best players at the game and their streams, both for them and for you. 
    CarryBarry ^ - legit 3marked Chieftain, one of the best players on the server, great music and chill vibes and first and foremost a really chill stream - and barry's a qt
    insane player at basically everything. i don't think i've seen him struggle in a single tank - just seems like a natural for the game and has incredible decisionmaking
    The only NA player I usually end up watching with my sleep schedule, plays very differently from me and when he genuinely tryhards he is absolutely an amazing player (regardless of NA server LUL) so I enjoy the gameplay, it's high quality. 
    i personally don't like this guy because of his 50B rigging and other stuff, but despite it he is undoubtedly one of the best players on EU and rivals Decha in mechanics IMO - there is very much to learn from how he plays the game and usually he'll explain his thought process if you ask him which i think is super valuable to people eager to improve.
    https://www.twitch.tv/stanlock_mercy/ (wouldn't embed)
    The best player in the world, period. You won't find better mechanics than this, russian streamer though so if you aren't capable of reading gameplay yet then this might be too difficult for you. Nevertheless, incredible player. Probably the strongest mechanical player there is right now, great decisionmaking and just in general great at reading enemy intentions. There are more russian streamers out there doing insanely well, but Stanlock is still a cut above and this is the stream you should be watching if you want to learn from the best.
    https://www.twitch.tv/decha__/ (wouldn't embed) Decha is probably one of the most aggresive players on the server, he is a bit washed but still amazing at the game. You won't find his gameplay boring, even if his playstyle has become sub-optimal he is still by far the best at it. Nobody dogfights better than Decha. 
      Legit 3marked 279 - met him in GO-IN and we were the primary BC players together during whatever the campaign was and I've seen first hand how good this guys decisionmaking is. The first to 3mark a 279 after the mark update I believe. 3marks tier 10 rewards and so on, just in general a super strong player.   
    Niall's got a stupid aspect ratio but he's a very talented WoT player. Very interactive with his chat. you will learn a lot from watching him as he generally tries to explain his thought process and I think that he is very good at doing just that - the way he approaches engagements and situations and describes his thought process throughout is very valuable for people trying to learn. Has a very reactive playstyle, an emphasis on consistency here as well. One of the better streams to watch if you are looking to learn. 
    https://www.twitch.tv/4az__f/ (wouldn't embed) New guy I hadn't heard about for pretty long but he is incredibly talented. I'll be watching him more to learn because this guy is whopping my ass in DPGs as of right now
    just look at that shit ^ he's a prodigy
    These are the ones that I watch when I can, there are plenty of russian monster players as well as other server. I didn't link Val because last time I talked to him he sold his PC, so now I don't know how SEA server looks statwise. 
    Super strong player, really fun guy too to meet - a little maldy but absolutely a top 10 player, probably top 5 right now
    also a super strong player, aids aspect ratio and he he plays very irregularly - nevertheless a definite top 10 player when he's on his game
    Great russian player, only watched for a lil bit but he's 5k+ing tier 10s which is always impressive
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    Hello tankers!
    We here at WoTLabs understand and sympathize with the difficulties suffered by players struggling to maintain their statistics during this period of unusually high player activity caused by the COVID-19 outbreak quarantines around the world.
    To provide World of Tanks players relief during these trying times, we're proud to announce the introduction of the Universal Basic Padding (UBP). The UBP will guarantee that every player will receive an extra +1000 WN8 and +10% Win Rate to help alleviate the pain and suffering of degrading statistics.


    In summary:

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    Gold sitting in your garage doing nothing is inherently worthless as an in-game, online currency. If you have it, burn it, the blueprints which equate to free xp which equate to time saved in real life which can be spent jacking it to furry porn is totally worth it
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    Weirdly, it took me 100+ games to Ace the 430U. Tough little beast.
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