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  1. I have 69%WR in Strv m/42 in ~ 30 games... speaking of skill, with my skills this tactics (max "DMG blocked" for missions) my stats: KV-4 - "U.S.S.R. tier 8 Mouse" in 175 games I had 45.14% WR I think good sample size is >>100 games (like 1000) otherwise I can't explain my 60+% WR in IS-3 or AMX 13 75
  2. I believe point of opposing folks was - in most maps now you can't shoot or even spot from 300 -400m with your superior camo\VR cause enemy would be in 10-150m or behind building\mountain\etc anyway. how true it and %% of such maps i'm not sure
  3. for pussies who cant brawl like me... would it make sense to get binos? BTW I like you Obj416 man signature I don't think it's true. As BlackAdder said lets say I'm in my T-54 ltwt. in a map where I can't hide in the bushes.. per http://www.wotinfo.net/en/camo-calculator with net and binos i'll be at 487.50VR and 41.9 camo, if I move 31.9, fire 9.22. so VR of 450 will get me at 450 - 400*41.9 =282m; 322;412 hence I can't drive around 450VR tank closer than 322m and even stand in plain sight in 280.. can't shoot from 410m vents and BIA get me to 508.39 43.20 33.
  4. +1. I'll just add to "move back and forth" - move at least at distance grater than you tank length*1.5 moving 2m wouldn't matter unless only place I can shoot -your turret.
  5. why I would wait 3 min. if I have better target? On the other hand if you moving in OI "to get arty safe" in less or more straight line toward or from me I'd might consider even fully re-aim to you from the one who moving-stopping-moving especially perpendicular to me.
  6. I play arty and don't mind change focus to tank in the same sector (not requiring to move arty hull). I'd rather wait .5 sec longer to aim (from 5-7 sec. of total aim time) than miss and wait 15-30 sec. reload. So, I'll shoot at most predictable (usually TD in ambush) or if all moving - most slow-moving in straight line, next preference parameter is size and armor - SU-100Y might look not bigger than OI, but I'll deal much more dmg to it. and if no nice targets I can shoot available I'll consider 1.splash dmg of tank behind cover (can't shoot at him but can shoot close to
  7. Ok, lets take a look at this map I can see hot I can provide early deployment info. on corners of 3 or 2 lines to see who is taking position or going to line 1. Like on J 2 or 3; B3,C3. Also heard recommendation for roam on line 5... where you'd recommend take proxy spot positions?
  8. 1) like E4-6 starting from K line, and F4-6 from A line? Would work if team had good position and wouldn't allow to push... otherwise it would be very short game 4 scout. In general I had good results proxy-spotting in bottom-tier HT (e.g. KV1\T1 in T7 games).. not like you can live long if T7 HT have 10 sec F2F or 2-3 will have 1-3 sec. with you.. but at least not 1-shoot like LT. 2) trying it, also just to attract attention - make him move gun from more dangerous target 2 you. unfortunate quite often I'm not to agile or failing to notice i'm in the line of fire of somebody else..
  9. Playing MT-25, trying to learn scouting. Due to 350m VR and sub-par map knowledge.. mostly active scouting. on the maps with uneven terrain (e.g. Prokhorovka), forests etc. it's ok.. I can ride popin out a bit on high speed to spot and disappear from direct hit to poput again in 10+ sec but on city maps (like Kharkov, Stalingrad) I have no clue how to contribute.. mot like I can't use good advice how to go about Erlenberg or Karelia or desert maps... but city maps completely killing me
  10. So, safe stowage make sense only after common skills 100% (repair, camo, ff) ? I'm often have assist dmg. Actually for IS-2 it's not as big share as in others .. still almost 1/3 is assist. Unfortunately there no way to say %% of it from spot vs track (not to mention spot thanks to binos).. still I think it's not useless. Unfortunately there Vstab on IS-2, but I do run Rammer & Vents. I bit skeptical about optics - 350m VR means you can out-spot somebody only if you standing (preferably in bushes) .. +10%= 385VR with 4%camo ..I don't know whom I'll outspot with it.. T
  11. I noticed on T9&10 pretty much everybody got ~400m VR and camo ratings moving down.. but not suspected camo get to the point of not playing role on T9/10
  12. I thought it depends on base camo rating.. e.g. essential to scout\TD, helps to MT.. but on Mouse it wouldn't matter. I checked IS/IS-2 - 7.80% 3.90% 1.48% https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uO8L1bTAHFMtaiL-ovqesWqY3KkpeQJWmpwJFzLIvPc/edit#gid=1885142132 seems fit in middle - not 25% of E-25 but not 1.5% of Mouse.. ~8% - best on L7&up.. so, probably have big sense.. way more than on T34 Ok. 10% faster progress on 3/4 of the crew at price of 1/4 of repair/camo/etc. so, I'll get .75x.1 = .075 more at any point of time of 1st s
  13. I've read very different opinions on safe stowage Does IS line get ammo rack so often? 12.5% doesn't seems a lot... worth more than 1/4 repair speed? I'd hate to replace my binos with Wet Ammo Rack, but it's another 50% hp... wonder if there statistics on tank/ammo rack %% per btl.
  14. BiA is fixed "0" skill, so I have no option to don't keep it. About "reroll every other crew member" - I have some gold and can do it (plan 4 Cmdr), but does camo so important for IS - it worth 200 gold to drop Snap Shot & Off-Road Driving for it?
  15. How useful 6th sense on HT? in particular on IS line. I'm grinding from KV-13 to IS currently and training my future IS crew for it in IS-2 got to 2nd skill and was planing to reset CM (with gold) to get 6th sense.. but posts like this http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/113531-is-crew-skillsperks/page__pid__1922843#entry1922843 make me doubt how valuable 6th on HT. On scout, TD it's no-brainier, on MT... I'd say same... but how about HT and not just any HT (e.g. long-range support like US T34/T32 or German Löwe ) but Russian brawler. My current Cre
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