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  1. The Village Hidden in the Mist Minimum Battles: 5k Overall WN8: 1450 Overall WR: 54% RecentWR: 60% Recent WN8: 2000 Active 3 days a week if feasible; real life takes priority 1 Tier 10 2 Tier 8 3 Tier 6 Be a team player; no racism; prioritize play with the clan Most importantly, have good time. https://discord.gg/WfytPd
  2. Hello looking for a clan to join that does Clanwars,Tournaments,Strongholds. I have plenty of tanks and i'm always up to learning new stuff i can make most nights as long as nothing major comes up. T6 Cromwell Skoda T40 KV-85 VK.36.01.H Type-64 Jap Tiger T8 IS-3 AMX-13-90 T-32 Lowe T-34-3 M41 GF bulldog WZ-132 T10 E-100 121 Leopard 1 OBJ.907 E50-M
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