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  1. As I mentioned way back, I'm already in a clan and not looking to move to a new one, as this is a very old clan. However, I'd love to run with you guys if there's a way to do that and not be in the clan. Otherwise, perhaps when some of you run in pub battles, look me up in game and I'll be happy to run with you. Just mention WotLabs so I don't ignore you! Also, if you run any training classes, I'd love to participate. Cheers.
  2. What a difference a day makes!!! This whole weekend has been quite nice WOT wise. I know it's not on scale with many here, but, compared to my long term stats, and recent history, it's a different game.
  3. I have that problem as well (sugar). And, as someone more famous than me once said, "...me like cookies..."!
  4. Millard, I'm assuming this would be for clan members only? I'm already in a clan of friends from way back in the America's Army (pre 8.5) days. We don't do CW, just a bunch of guys that play for fun. But I'd still be interested if "outsiders" are allowed in.
  5. Both great responses. Don't misconstrue the not getting mad part. Especially at ourselves. We all know what getting mad/frustrated/flustered does to is in game. It's been repeated here in the forums very often. Whether we realize it or not, it DOES effect our play. So, for me at least, I try to use that phrase as a way of saying I won't get mad, BUT I WILL get even, whether at myself or someone else (in the game only of course, hehe). I'll funnel the frustration into trying to improve etc. THAT is why I came here and recently vented. It seemed to me at least, that trying to inc
  6. My post about partnering up is to whomever would like to. I am on the US east coast, which I believe is 5 hrs behind the UK (right now til our time changes to daylight savings time). Lifeless, good to see you in game yesterday! Anyway, 18 for 38 yesterday. Best day I've had in a while. Maybe one has to become the squeaky wheel or something? Dunno !!
  7. Great read. I believe that all or most of us try to some of these things each and every day. Still, from my perspective (maybe 'cause I'm an old fart), I do understand that there's a learning curve involved. I have a great analogy for any of you that are golfers. I use to play. Not the greatest, but always had fun. I played one day with a very low handicap player and he was having a terrible day. Probably one that felt to him much worse than any of our worst tank days. He kept an even keel, and kept working on the right things. I approached him and commented on this and asked hi
  8. Certainly, I'm usually available!. I'm usually on around 10am EST, and early afternoon 2-3pm till whenever. I know that my afternoon session is a bit late for the UK, I'll try to schedule a day (my morning), but if you see me on and any of you want to platoon, certainly drop me an in-game note. Dan
  9. Well, after some encouragement from some of you, I did go back and play a bit more. I was able to eek out 12/27 wins. Not quite 50%, but at least some wins. Also 12 kills in those games. So, not great, but close to my average. I'll keep plugging, and try to play for fun. If I can win once in a while, it's much more enjoyable, even if I'm not a great player! Thanks all....it helps.
  10. Weesh, thank you. I actually did post 5 replays a few weeks ago and got NO comments. They were actually at the start of this downward spiral, I've started to experience. Also, they were during a "bonus" weekend (actually a Friday, but it was active), but, they sucked. Even worse than normal, and I also mentioned that. Unfortunately, since then, there haven't really been any "normal" days. I'll be happy to post some more, tomorrow after I've kinda cooled down. Not really actually angry, just frustrated. I've watched many videos, read the wiki a number of times etc and I use to
  11. OP - I feel you man. Been fighting my own demons now for a year. Came to this sight and saw improvements for about a week or so. Server Maintenance here, server maintenance there, win rate drops to the blue fluid in the porta potty. I use XVM, but I've played enough games with it to realize it's only an estimate. We've lost 70% games with it and we've won 20% ones with it. I mainly use it to see who the best players on the other team are and then who and where the enemy is on the MiniMap. I've reduced my play significantly over the last week or so because I can no longer get kills
  12. It's not just you sir. I came here as a bad player. There was a little upwards burp, but I am now diving to the point that I'm SERIOUSLY thinking about giving up the game. It's a shame to, as I really like the game. But, I was starting to win more, starting to really make the DMG moving well into the right direction, and now, I'm going 1 for 10 or 2 for 25. ALWAYS getting put in 20%-30% games at the bottom part of the team. Play aggressively, ng, play defensively, nada, hide in a corner, no good. I do try to hang with a couple of others on my team, but they die, and then so do I.
  13. Ok, have to own up. Finally sold my LTP. After a couple of really bad days on it, decided it wasn't worth the frustration. So, instant garage slot!!
  14. Don't just cherry pick your best ones either. Do like 5 in a row or something. Good and bad. Only way you can get accurate critique.
  15. Welcome dude...good peeps here. No BS, just help.
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