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  1. What's your profile picture?

  2. 2 T-49's with an "Anchor" tank like a KV-1 can work as well. 3 of them works until someone gets shot at.
  3. Working my way up the Brit Medium line. Had a good time with the Covenantor, but since getting to the Crusader, I've been having trouble figuring out how to use this tank's strengths, if it even has any. Right now I'm running. crew-wise with a 93%-trained and 55%-camo that was credit retrained from the Cov. I have Optics, Rammer, and Vents for equipment, and running credit gasoline along with the usual med and repair kits. Right now I'm playing it as a sniper-support/flanker with middling results. 1 kill a game with 400 average damage, with a 1350 rating. Is there any suggestions or optimizations for what I'm running? Is the tank even a keeper once I get to the Cromwell?
  4. The only way this place could be better is if it had camo stats. Great resource for determining view range on tanks.
  5. I have an Ace Combat music mod on my WoT, so I have stuff like this going in-game: I'd like to see the soundtrack to Attack on Titan be used for another music mod. https://soundcloud.com/3d-maneuver-gear/sets/attack-on-titan-original
  6. I see the main stumbling block with running entirely fragile TDs like the Hellcat and such is the lack of sustainability and inability to assault a positions. That said, it would be a lulzy proposition for taking out pubbie TCs.
  7. Hah, this ought to be worth a few giggles.
  8. But it is a good place to start, and there is no better place than here to find said mentor. One key part I think you missed about practicing this game is establishing a network of support. Finding a mentor is one thing, but if you can find a group of peers that are all trying to get better and learn the same as you, ala a workout group, that will help out immensely. To take myself as an example, I'm a soloist. Outside of a few very brief stints, I've never platooned with people of equal or greater skill than myself. I've never done TCs or CW. I have not done any of these things. I have not had any sort of guide or mentor or teacher besides myself. Thais said, I'm still knocking on the door to a 60-day 1500 WN7 rating. Now, I feel I have some talent, but just think how much further I could go if I had a mentor and a similarly skilled partner to learn and compete with? I agree that deliberate practice works, but by no means is it a solo ordeal in the context of Tanks. So taking Dan and the Golf example, what would an example breakdown of this deliberate practice be? If I'm to go on this "Unicum@Tanks" plan, where would I start? And on somewhat of an off-topic aside, if some curious player came to me for tips, looking for that "magical unicum fairy dust" I'd test them on the basic mechanics like vision abuse, angling, and stuff like that. If they can't get those basic mechanics and concepts drilled into their head to the point of second-nature, there is no hope of them getting past green.
  9. I still find it amusing how Eff goes DOWN while everything else is on the upswing.
  10. Inb4Lert I honestly have yet to see anyone do anything with a TOG. I think only ONCE have I seen someone abuse their absurd HP pool to assault 3 tanks singled handed and come on top.
  11. Rather petty reasons for some TKs. :| While I sympathise for the fact you carried some tankers that probably didn't deserve a free win, it still feels like a dumb reason to TK.
  12. I know, it's so shiny and bright. I really do like the 60-day stats. Give a much better picture of one's progress compared to watching your Overall crawl up barely 2 points a week. I had my 60-day WN7 at blue, but that was only because I padded like no tomorrow with the T49 and promptly burned myself out on it and went back to my less stellar tanks.
  13. Man, I wish I could be surprised at how thick-headed and oblivious randumb posters are in there.
  14. Gene_Inari

    I love the KV-2

    I have a 80% KV-2 crew I've been having in the 5, been saving up the Free XP for the derp, can't wait to try it out since the 8.6 accuracy buffs.
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