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  1. Day after day, its getting harder and harder to find some really stronk guys to platoon up with. Team play & winning is just vital and my priority N1 in this game, so i am really up to platoon up with some superstronk tankers.. i prefer playing with better players than me [despite learning /it actually really motivates me doing my bestest.. or at least around my level... I mostly play during the evening.. and late evening/early morning.. looking forward to find some amigos to kick as with on a regular basis hf
  2. imo, its always depends on situation ofc, but that isn't a simple question, with a simple answer. playing aggresively [rambo mode:on] as much as possible, and not always as safe as possible[sometimes u gotta step up and take a hit to achieve bigger things-_-], combined with perfect timing is the real deal for me... those guys, who always play as tight as a virgin pussy in saudi arabia/camping like a madaf*ck*rs and basicly do whatever else their f*ck*d up mind can come up with,just and only to take some useless damage in the end of their lost battle ///and considering good dmg loses and a "good battles" ,, are just lost their minds / thinking of a really wrong direction generally, to me.. this is like for example..: football match / half time break / result 4:0 / and cristiano ronaldo(being on the losing side) trying to think about a plan how to lose with 4:3 final score////given up on a half-time break////, instead of thinking/developing of a winning plan.. whats the point of playing any game or sport for example if u arent trying to win it? fuck logic?! so basicly... if u have a competitive-sport-spirit and always try to take out the maximum of a situation, u should be doing alright in tanks... lol savage
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