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  1. Happy New year everyone. Just wanted to share the "You've been oinked Game Show". This was a pilot episode done a short while ago. I'd appreciate thoughts and comments to see whether or not I should produce more. Like?
  2. Is it worth abandoning the top gun in favour of shortening the grind to the E5? I've been playing with the mid gun and appear to be holding out well enough, although is it a false economy? Also, I was able to pretty much negate the huge number of ammo racks by running wet ammo rack along with safe stowage... and taking two repair kits. omg.
  3. Hi guys, I've been having some fun with a YouTube channel over the past year or so. I am certainly no unicum which is why I have not really concentrated on "epic games"... and also not really posted about the channel on WotLabs. But hey, I figure even unicum have fun sometimes right? Channel focusses on having some fun, learning in a light hearted way, taking a closer look at real life tanks and willy jokes. You may recognise my prize winning video entered into Mingles With Jingles subscriber contest earlier this year: I've become a little more known for my 3min
  4. Oh hi SaintLaurentius from RSOP! My friend Sir Oswald just recently joined your clan! I'd just like to say his stats are probably dumbed down thanks to him platooning with me! lol
  5. Hey all, So I decided to take a plunge and throw myself to the wolves of WOTlabs. I was never one to care about stats, to be honest for a very long time I didn't even know about WoT stats let alone worry about playing the game even remotely seriously... the T-50-2 saw fit to ensure that I suicide scouted a large portion of my early games!!! ... but then I joined WoT way back in closed beta when the game was only a handful of tanks and the biggest thing around was the Tiger 1! So it was a very different beast to what it is now, thats for sure. I only started playing because I'm a bit of a
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