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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jEfEkcOc40&ab_channel=warp103 well here my thoughts As a CC
  2. Hello all Warp103 here, I am new NA CC. I hope that I can help the community needs. If you have any Question feel free to post I will answer that I can.
  3. I am 45 years old, Married with 5 kids. I am a scrubtanker, Just Green overall. So I am in NOT a great player. I am learning, I do did not post alot on the other forums. A helpful post or a OP here and there. Hoping for get some real feed back with out the hate. My opinions are my own and I do not expect them to be yours. I do have a Small Youtube,twitch channel "warp103". Feel Free to subscribe or nor lol. You might see me.make Buttmonkey of myself Enjoy. And have a great Day.
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