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  1. its ma-hoe like inciatus says. means magic. sometimes you'll hear it as majikku because of the english word magic.
  2. moe's have been busting my nuts lately. Get within 1% and then oh hai arty thanks for 1 shotting me rip 2%
  3. im trying to figure out what happened to the after game info like dmg and such that was in the highlighted area. Was it 9.8 or was it xvm that removed it?
  4. one of your recruiters talked to me after a game I had at the time no desire to play cw's anymore but I'm thinking about giving them another try. Is there still any openings?
  5. This is such a situational question. What tier? what tank? I can give some examples.... t10 I never ever use gold rounds unless: 1. E100 turret face 2. maus 3. is7 at angle where penning ufp is easy 4. sometimes obj 263 when i cant hit lower plate ill spam gold at mantlet 5. vk4502b turret (dont even bother with lower plate or such, just gold his turret face) 6. russian mediums hull down, aim for flat cheeks next to gun 7. sometimes e75 (turret face) when i cant get good angle on lower plate Thats all I can think of right now for tier 10s everything else you can deal with by proper aiming and weakspot knowledge without gold Lower tiers is different. If im in a tank with low pen I will load gold for lots of things. Learn the armor values and weakspots. Youtube/tank inspector etc whenever you have a problem penning things at low tiers and youll learn 1 by 1 where to shoot and what you need pen wise to get through certain tanks. No one can give you a 100% certain guide that you will remember right away. But to answer your question simply lower tiers I will usually keep around 15-20 gold rounds depending on ammo count. My tier 10s i only stock 5-10 depending on tank. Things like my batchat with low ammo I dont even have gold.
  6. Not enough nerf to Conq GC. Need 3.9 accuracy and 4 min reload to be balanced.
  7. m41 bulldog and drive up behind unsuspecting heavies and unleash the beast into that booty.
  8. Things people need to know: 1. What have you tried doing to improve? 2. What specifically, if anything, would you say your major flaws are? 3. Is your hardware in top shape? In other words could part of the problem be lag/fps?
  9. WWII would be mine, good weaponry but still fought by men and not robots and guided missile spam.
  10. why do they even have that much laying around
  11. I hate arty more than 99% of the people in the game. But Im doing it for the missions and im in a tier 7 lorr 155. Im noticing the wn8 for this tank is severly inflated. ace tanker game is only 3300 wn8. 5 kills 2500 dmg for 3k wn8. Thats an ace tanker, when comparitively every other ace game ive had in regular tanks has been like 7-8k wn8 games. Whats the deal with this?
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