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  1. Think he already has bank enough to care not of the franchise and has already moved on to other enterprise(s).
  2. Ah, maybe that's how I can try to CV.... Co-op... Guess what I found? Expect no help:
  3. AFKing his top tier Kagero on his way to the top: Another superhero who thinks parking in Fletcher's smoke at each moment the team needs targets is a win... Hindenburg' oarsum and some change, no dmg taken and right at the back: They're out there... WTF... Seriously, in a Roon takes zero dmg and gets 171 XP... Last three in my last session... FUCK ME!
  4. Don't expect too much help from this guy in Gremyashchy, admittedly T7 match but parked in single smoke circle is modus operandi. (I was in Warspite and topped XP on loss.)
  5. Doing afternoon shifts at the moment after a workplace injury so I could get on at a decent time today. Was good to bump into McG' and say g'day in discord...
  6. This one shows up in an Essex, leaves his planes in the back while the enemy CV is all over us. Then he cherry picks two kills and states in game chat:"You are not a good team."
  7. Expect this one in a DD to be sitting back with the Battleships and Cruisers if not the CV:
  8. Take time to aim, clutch shots need great timing. In the case of slow traverse turrets, use rudder where you can and ease out of turns to aim shots ftw...
  9. What kind of pings do you guys show in-game? Mine shows anywhere from 107-130 average with the occasional (today) 250-275....
  10. Managed about 125 battles but the penny dropped last night (my time) that there was only 22 hours left... My time zone and work, then a workplace injury threw me this time too. Well that's my excuse LOL Only managed R5 this time http://shipcomrade.com/leaderboard.asp?G=2&S=7&R=12&A=1
  11. Time to stop again, two losses in a row. 680 Ranked battle 49%er Yoloking in BB or sits way back behind islands with guns in shadow:
  12. Seeing Gallant quite often in RB, probably 1/3 to 1/2 of battles I've played... Only been using mine in the Dunkirk mission so far.
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