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  1. if anyone wants to platoon comment here id be happy to play, i hang around tier 6-10 o7
  2. so in wotlab it says im 1515 for my wn8 but for a while it said i was 1601 in game so went to update and now it has changed to 1487. im pretty confused that my stats are fluctuating this much. anyone have a clue as to what my real wn8 is?
  3. even 20 games is sometimes too much tard to handle
  4. thanks everyone for the great support if anyone ever wants to platoon send a message my way and ill be glad to play
  5. hello fellow tonk drivers i am here to introduce myself, my name is Jazz_for_your_soul and yes, it is a ridiculous name but i like it. so i join the forums because i have become an about average player but i still have a long way to go before i can get ez purple points. the main thing i lack is map knowledge, which i need to get through battle experience and maybe talking with other players and watching replays. so to wrap it all up i cant wait to learn even more about this game and improve my game play even more. o7
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