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  1. I'm a massive Chi He fan, with it's awesome gun depression and the Experimental gun. Reload is terrific and 131 pen with gold means I'm happy to wreck tier 6's. Always makes me smile when I play it. Great fun.
  2. T67 is quite useful and OP. Don't have to waste gold, either.
  3. Simples, really, The emblems, like the 'Luck of the Oirish' that you can slap on the side of your tank. Do they actually do anything or are they purely decorative? Anyone know? Cheers
  4. If I'm playing lights or TD's I often go initially to H/G4 from the South and D7 from the North and spot/snipe the heavies and spotters. At D7, there's some nice bushes and I shoot out the wall so I can see the heavies trundling t'ward yonder city at H7/G8. Usually get a track or two. useful for arty spotting. Also effectively spots the middle, as does H/G4. D7 is tough though,you have to withdraw fairly quickly. You can hang about on H/G4, subject to arty and your gun depression. I can do the reverse of D7 at C2/D1, sniping the scouts in particular, with a clear field of view. As a
  5. Does anyone know if the mission requirements go up in tiers as the 'marathon' proceeds?
  6. Hi mate, In my opinion, it's hugely random and dependent on the experience of the muppets playing. I have noticed trends on other maps, notably Erlenberg in Assault mode where everyone piles one side. Trends pass as the dummies comprehend that it doesn't always work. As Steppes is such an open map, I think spotting early is absolutely key, so if they all pile one side, take advantage, hang back and snipe until the game unfolds and you can commit where you are most effective. At least Steppes offers great retreating positions. Check out the heat maps on http://www.vbaddict.net/h
  7. Never played a Leo, but looking at the stats it's a no brainer for me. I'd choose the 75mm just for its DPM, aim time (which is nuts IMO) and accuracy. APCR is better pen, too. The velocity with APCR is impressive, enabling a muppet like me to plot trajectory more effectively, especially over distance.
  8. Well done, a seriously good score. I may have to pick up a Type 64. You have inspired me!!
  9. There's a new Swedish Tier 8 planned. It's called the "IKEA". It's very cheap 'cos it's self assembly. And mostly wood.
  10. Thank you all for your replies. I am surprised that mods don't feature overly, as I naively assumed Unicums would utilise them as much as possble. Shows what I know (or don't know!!). I may even try to auto aim, though knowing my dexterity, controlling two fingers and two mouse buttons may be more than my brain can cope with..... Siimcy, FYI - I wasn't referring to illegal mods. I was simply using targeting as an example of a mod. My hit rate is approx 67%, which I suspect may increase if I used auto aim. As pointed out, it's not so easy to hit a moving tank at distance with manual
  11. Hi Purps, I play pure with no Mods, always have, excepting XVM. Which mods do you guys 'n gals use or recommend (if any) and to what extent does it assist and/or influence your game? For example, I've never used auto aim once. Do you lovely people use auto aim mods at all? Would using auto aim increase my hit rate? Thanks
  12. I'd recommend the Wolverine. With binos, great spotting and dishes out a load of damage. If you don't mind playing middle tiers, that is.
  13. Personally mate, I think you did a sensible thing.Too many players put their tanks is positions where they are ineffective, unsuited and have no retreat. And nearly always at the start. They simply don't consider, or know, the maps. Therefore, they don't not play to their strengths, which you tried to do. And whilst under the threat of 3 arty. I am not an expert by any means, quite a muppet really, but it isn't worth dying for someone else's stupidity. And comms? You can try but many players are naive and resistant to suggestions. All you can do is lead by example.
  14. Ace, I looked at yr recent stats and the only thing that's slightly down is yr damage and as a consequence, yr WN8. I wonder what yr hit rate and pen rate has been lately? Other than that yr stats are on an upward trend. So I believe it could be down to your perspective as much as anything. You're clearly getting better, as yr stats show. I agree with Dualmaster's wise words. Remember, there's no such thing as failure, only feedback!! Over Xmas I noticed that a lot of games I played were hugely unpredictable, due to masses of noobs at all tiers. I couldn't do some of the
  15. Hi mate, I understand where you are coming from as I too find myself in this situation. I think a lot of players do, though perhaps some are not aware of it or will not readily admit to it. I personally think there are a number factors involved, typically: Overconfidence from your previous session, which in my case leads to overextending - a definite flaw of mine Tiredness, leading to poor decisions Lack of planning prior to battle commencement Your general mindset, which in my case can vary day to day, due to external factors Idiot teams which leads to frus
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