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  1. I don't think so, you wont get the 430 as Tier 9 if you do not already have it purchased as Tier 10. But thats just me from interpreting this No idea how its working now on the test server.
  2. I normally use mousewheel, but just yesterday when I was pre-grinding on the IS, I noticed that my gun is pointing into the ground when zoomed when I was quite clearly aimed in in 3rd person. Replicating the issue (pic attached), I find that if there an obstacle between your tank and where your 3rd person camera should be, the game will move the camera upwards. If this happens on the 2nd level of 3rd person and onwards, it will skew your aim as you sequentially zoom back in. However, if you shift-zoom, the zoom will point at where you are aiming at in 3rd person, regardless of obstacles behind
  3. 75+25 Boxes. Owned none of the T4s or T8s, No Tier 8s on the first 75 but all of the T4s, each only once. Bought the 25 near the end of the event and got only the Type. After playing it for a bit, I actually prefer the 34-3 which I bought using the gold from the 75, but owning a Type is one off my bucket list.
  4. I have an alt with just a KV-220-2. Lorr 40t and Edelweiss. All equipped but no 6th crews. I dont use it for anything currently and am looking for an enthusiastic newbie to pass it on to.
  5. Disregard what I said, the flesh is weak. Gonna try for the Fochs 155.
  6. I'm near the end of the Tier 6, but I'm not going to rushgrind. Ya'll say the upper tiers currently are crap, I dont want to grind through all that for an extra Tier 10 that is regarded as mediocre when I can wait till the buffs hit and then grind on buffed tanks.
  7. BIA and SIA are compatible with each other next patch. Yay for co-ed senshado. Whoever you nominate as the 5th Crew/Radioman will be living the harem life.
  8. Definitely need repairs. The base stationary camo for the E3 is only like 9%. You will have to tank instead of camosnipe.
  9. The exhaust mufflers in the rear half of the vehicle :^)
  10. Take all my money! This is the only reason why I've not bought a Panther 88 and a Slowe despite having both German T10 Mediums and two out of three T10 HTs. I hope they put a huge ammo rack hitbox in that rear hull armor weakspot for (anime) realism purposes.
  11. I hope they implement a female crew nationality switch feature to go with it. I have an extra four Sweedes and a Baguette that can go into some other nation. Sadly not enough for a Maus Brothel.
  12. Fianii

    T28 Prototype

    I ground out the T30 on it pre-buff and then ragesold it. Rebought it now to grind into the buffed T110E3 line. The speedbuff is insane. This thing can now work as a Pseudo Heavy in a mass Heavy lane push that can just tip the scales when your equivalent enemy TD is bushwanking somewhere, since TDs dont count against the Team MT/HT slots in the new MM. I feel like it can kill a T34 mano e mano on flat ground.
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