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  1. I made the account at the same time as another streamer made LeopardS3AL. I looked through what different seal species there were. This one http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crabeater_seal wasthe only one somewhat related to wot, thanks to your nickname.
  2. I think you can manage that yourself, it will however, as you said, be quite difficult. 1. Do this: 2. Read my post again.
  3. Most likely these two in my case. the doctor+psychologist didn't find strong enough evidence of schizophrenia, however, I do feel like there's a slight touch of it in me at times. The psychologist also pointed out that I on several occasions failed to estimate how I performed in a set of neuropsychiatric tests. Perhaps the Dunning-Kruger effect applies to me in an inverted fashion. I am convinced that "skill" hasn't got nearly as much influence on stats, be it wn8, dpg, exp/battle or wr%. Factors such as mental/physical shape of the player that when he plays the game, "trying hard/not trying quite as hard", budget, PC performance, network stability and what tanks are played will together make up for way more than a players actual skill if they were to be provided with the same conditions under which to play the game as someone maintaining way better/worse stats than themselves. Your humble contrarian, EJ Oh yes, all of you unicums, come bring it on, come show me how you stay true to what you've just said. There can be no excuses from your side now. Merely catching you on the remark, suggesting that "wow, reroll and playing easy tanks, shows nothing" would make you look just like them <48%'ers you took such great pride and joy in having a go at. If you stay true to your idea of stats being equal to skill, how far from the top an you actually be and still take pride in saying "Hey, I'm a unicum! I'm purple!"? I'm very much aware of how poorly I play most of the time, however, having had the 'privilege' to have played this game for an extensive ammount of battle, being able to afford a high budget, having a crazy stable internet connection http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4317028930and a pricy PC certainly does help in "maintaining a higher skill level" than I otherwise could have. Kiss me.
  4. So I think I might be able to start doing this thing very soon now, just wondering a few things concerning details: Am I to make a separate thread where I post my performance? What more screenshots than before and after the 200 games are required? In battle screenshot/after battle report/loading screen? All replays will be stored and uploaded in a .rar or something, but am i supposed to have an automatic replay uploader aswell, to vbaddict or so? Are there any other statistics I'm supposed to keep track off? Lowest tier of oponent/xvm expected win chance or something? Cheers, EJ
  5. Oh my, I will be humiliated by the other EU unicums >_>. I'm terribly busy with other stuff at the moment and have little time for wot, I will find the time to play the 200 battles though, when is the last day at which the 200th battle must have been played? I changed my nickname btw pip, you may want to change it in the first post. Cheers, EJ
  6. Special request: Plzxorz Poltto play the M24 Chaffee for a couple of games before it gets nerfed
  7. Again, no idea about NA vs EU and that rabble, but yes, this seems to be very much doable. I think you, Garbad, would however agree that there are some odd ones in there where the WR is quite far from what it would be if you were to push it yet another 500 games on the same tank, wether it would be increasing or decreasing the WR. Cheers, EJ
  8. I will be up for it, however, I will be going away for 2 weeks or so, maybe more, tommorow. So I won't be able to play until after I get back. Provided that you will be cashing out for this gold with your credit card, incase I would be chosen to play and also win something, I'd be happy to see you post a receipt for a donation to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) in the name of wotlabs.net of the same ammount that WG would charge you for the gold. I would have massive respect for whoever gets chosen if they were to go along with something similiar. The world still holds amazing scenery almost untouched by mankind along with a large diversity of species. In general, the mammal apex predators seems to be the most threatened ones. I believe most unicums, including myself, would like to see ourselves as the very top of the food chain in this game. Now, whoever 2 gets chosen for the challenge, PROTECT YOUR FELLOW WILD UNICUMS! Let's be honest, we would all rather die old knowing that a few more unicum tigers are roaming through the forests of wherever they might be and throughout eternity maintaining the legend of the World of Tanks unicums, rather than dieing knowing that there are a few more russkies swimming in champagne due to our nonsense spending at this game. There will be a day that the World of Tanks servers goes down for the last time. Let's make sure that there will be no day where the last tiger takes it's last breath. So, whichever two gets picked for the challenge, don't be a couple of massive cunts who'd rather have pip pay for serb to buy another blowjob from some russian whore so that you can get hold of a bit more content ingame. Do the right thing. Don't be a cunt. Cheers, EmbryonicJourney
  9. Also, for the next challenge(s) Garbad, could you please pick some tank which doesn't require losing 3kk credits per 50 games? :> Perhaps some T10 medium or similiar, where the premium ammo is not the best ammo in many/most situations.
  10. edit: also, wtf garbad, have you met a girl or something? i expected total flame war, and here you are, more humble than ever...
  11. Aight, I'll download the NA client again, but don't come with any bullshit about it being 9.2 and sort of won't be a valid result because of it being another game version or whatever. Having a ping which, for starters isnt very stable, going yolo all over the place with slight rubber banding effects at worst really makes quick over hill or around corner snap shots tough to make, aswell as close range high speed brawling. Will it put a massive effect on overall damage/kills and whatever stats per game? No, not nearly as much as it hurts your ability to win many of the late game face offs against a very low number of enemies, but also, a very low number of team mates, this means you will be the target they are more or less 1on1ing. It might partly be due to my inexperience with playing at pings over 130 (i'm used to 30-50ish), but it seems as if the higher ping cuts the margins which I have when going for the quick peekaboo snapshots which I once used to master and still do really well. One will be more limited to playing the vision control game way in many situations where peekaboo snapshotting would do quite well without risking too much. And well, the DPG i had in the first 21 games was higher than I expected, but the games were generally quite fucking challenging, I don't know if you watched any of the replays, I have yet to watch the ones you uploaded, but in general I agree with you about the DPG vs WR thing. There are a lot of "purple" players who score good average damage yet are really really bad players (considering their "purple" that is, clearly) that I would never ever consider having in a competitive platoon, while I know a handful of players who's stats are blue-purpleish (even recent in many cases) that I know will really wipe the floor if put together in platoons with like minded players. In general, that's the catch with soloing, you can really shine when there are 1-2 enemies facing you or if you have 2 platoonmates with you, makeing it 3 vs 3-6 players, that's when the skill can really shine through, while soloing will in many cases leave you at picking off the odd shot at some random enemy in a bunched up group of 5 or more enemies and then trying to repeat that as often as possible. Rather than being able to let that vastly superior skill of yours to defeat the enemy, you end up having to play in a way where you go and hunt for enemies making mistakes and repeatedly punishing them for doing it. There are of course some stats that truly ought to be pointing towards someone not being a damage farming sexii, like constantly pushing it on the front lines, making sure to start dealing damage to the enemy way before they can land shells at your team mates, the spotting damage and support damage ones, along with targets detected are some, damage received should also be sort of counted as one. Some critical, arguably more important than any of the recordable stuff that hasn't, isnt' won't and can't be recorded properly are at what stage of the battle you deal that DPG of yours that is so easy to score late game when you have been pushed into a corner where the last 1 or 2 tomato camper td's have been sitting from the start of the game and the enemy still has 10 tanks remaining while you yourself are already at (4x more assist damage, spots, kills, damage dealt and whatever than any of your team mates). Last sentence too long lel. Well, when the 10 enemies come yolorushing in over open fields just to get some more damage or maybe even a kill in the end, that is when you can deal such easy damage with medium tanks on open maps, however, that damage is completely useless and shows nothing in terms of you being a good player, while being the first to die on a losing team and still having dealt more damage and kills than anyone else on your team at the end of the battle, now that damage ought to be considered so much more valuable than the late game damage dealt to the enemies who don't care if they end the battle at a 2k hp pool or a 1k hp pool, as long as they can score another 500 damage themselves. Another really important one is the to be able to stop the enemies from dealing damage, simply through dettering a group of enemy tanks from pushing on just because they know there's a lower tier tank that will repeatedly slap them in the face as soon as they are leaving their cover. A tank like the Hellcat can do this on his own, pinning multiple (somewhat inexperienced players) higher tier tanks down, denying them, the back bone of the enemy team of dealing damage while the back bone of your team, your teams top tier tanks just mows through the the hordes of lower tier tanks in order to join up with you for a sweet gang bang group rape (9 out of 10 enjoys a group rape btw). Esentially winning the battle for the team only dealing a few shots worth of damage to announce your presence and plant the fear of humilitation in their tiny heads, so innocently robbed of intelligence by their parents inferior gene pools. As I said, I haven't yet watched any of your replays but I'll have a look at them at some point and I'll be able to see so much more than any DPG, average kills, wn8 ratings, WR numbers or whatever could ever show.Maybe you are truly one of the Kings of World of Tanks, but still, why be a king when you can be a God? Fuck off. Also, for the rest of you: Peace and love to everyone, if you want it <3 EmbryonicJourney (gonna be going away for a few weeks at saturday again, gonna try to make the remaining t-34-85 battles though)
  12. Welp, not sure if I will proceed with the challenge making the remaining 29 games or not. I'll be coming home in 2 hours after a week away. Seeing as I would have to win 26 out of those 29 games just to get tied with Garbad, I will clearly not win. That being said though, I did not at first realise that it would all be about the WR at the end, as a battle count of 50-100 is way too low for getting an accurate measurement of skill when the WR value is one which will be either 1 or 0 per battle. There's not even the slightest doubt in my mind that I would come up ahead of Garbad had we both been going for 500 battles, that being said though, Garbad won this one on knockout. Well played :>
  13. I heard of someone who did. One week later he was found floating in a flooded highway ditch dressed up as a transexual hooker with piano wire strangle marks around his neck.
  14. As my previous scores on this tanks were not valid due to the battles being played on the EU server group with the EU meta and whatever, I decided to score a few battles for Garbad to measure himself against. Sadly I can't post this where it's relevant, so I hope someone could move it to the Replays section or into the thread of Garbads T-34-85 challenge. Sadly, the replay recording wasn't activated during the first battle, so I'm only able to post the 19 first replays. http://www.fileswap.com/dl/Wo5K7nnKDw/ I'm planning on making more battles obviously, but I will be going away for a week and it would be a pitty if no one bothered making the challenge an actual challenge. Clearly the WR is really low, but there is no way it will be falling, provided I don't start doing heroin or something. If you think I've been damage whoring and not playing for the team, please have a look at the replays before shouting it out. After all, I've got an acceptable ammount of enemies detected per battle along with an acceptable damage assistance for tier 6. Cheers and good luck for the remainder of the challenge Garbad, EmbryonicJourney (I will try to squeeze in as many games as possible before i pass out or have to go on vacation, hopefully getting close to 50 games, already been up for 22 hours just for you, Garbad <3) Edit: Just noticed that the ingame and vbaddict stats are different from each other, no idea what's wrong.
  15. You can remove me from the list, I deleted my twitch account. #2kewl4twitch
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