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  1. You shouldnt be using optics on the 705a... With a average crew I get to the max view range. and your not going to be breaking camo in the 705a. Equip should be HP-Rammer-Vert Or if your feeling lucky HP-Rammer-Vents
  2. how does everyone have there battle count / Stats shown on forum posts?

    1. ZXrage


      You have to link your WoT account to your forum account

    2. kolni


      ^ you do this under account settings, it's in the top right drop down menu on your username 

      it can take 3-4 days for it to show on the forum

    3. Deltacu


      churs guys


  3. I believe it wont work this way as becasue EBR's are going so fast, the mechanics wont register and u wont see a incoming hit marker. You would have to be going 40kph and under as a guesstimate for it to trigger.
  4. Hi Kolni, Thanks for doing this. are you still doing these, I did 6 or so 907 games with approx 5k+ dpg however I feel like i could of done better. you happy to review all 6 or should I dump one note these are on the old patch (last week) Cheers dude
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