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  1. If you are a true connoisseur of 'abominations', then 3 mark the Foch 155. @Migizikody: I appear to be a few years behind, but better late then never I suppose.
  2. Hi Wotlabs, I'm new to this community. I didn't know about this website until about a year ago!! I've been playing this game for about 4 years now, yet I'm still learning new things everytime I play (good and bad). Its one of the defining reasons why I still hit that Battle button, and why I'm on these forums. My aim is to provide constructive feedback, though don't expect anything of serious note if its about the Foch 155 or Bat chat. Some things about me: I usually play to 3 mark tanks now, I gave up playing heavy tanks over a year ago (arty takes most of, but not all of
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