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  1. The graduated colour aspect is interesting, but tbh I don't think it'd be that useful. I wouldn't find myself any more likely to expect a yellow to support me than a dark pink, so might as well keep them lumped together in red.
  2. Too late, a giant puddle formed while watching that. What a nice machine. Something to add to my "if I win the lottery" shopping list, everything in my house would be made from billet. Actually, forgot about SWMBO for a minute there. Ok, everything in the workshop at least...
  3. The later Brit TD's play very differently, you go from agile little gocarts with guns to mobile pillboxes. T49 vs T95 in a way. I have fun with my AT-15A, but can't honestly recommend it to anyone. I like it , but some would say I'm weird because I think a well played Tortoise can carry well, too. I'd pop onto Test and give it a try before spending your gold, see how it feels. Splurge for a 100% crew though, to give it a fair shake. It's not a credit printer, but if you need a brit TD trainer, it works well enough.
  4. Somewhere I must have one where I'm smiling, but whatever. Usually on the other side of the lens, so this'll have to do:
  5. 37, and I was sure I was going to be in the majority segment here. WoT (to me) seems to have an average older crowd than other MMO's I've played.
  6. There's something wrong with the IS-6? Never crossed my mind to sell it, ever. Not that I'd ever complain about a buff to something I own, but the IS-6 isn't the first premium candidate that comes to mind...
  7. When the time came to finally retire my Sennheiser PC 350's, I decided I wasn't going to spend anything like that much on a headset again. Picked up a set of these on a really good sale for $50. Granted, it was only the orange that were on sale, but even the regular price would be within your budget. Very happy with them, the sound quality is solid (no, not as good as the Sennheisers, but they cost 1/5 as much) and they are very comfortable. Spend lots of time on Skype, and the other parties always say I sound very clear to them. The pullout mic is extremely nice, too. Worth adding to your shortlist. Edit: Appears they're having a sale on them at Steelseries right now, too. Down to $68.
  8. Is there a coupon code required for that? For me it's telling me $6.99 shipping on my order.
  9. Excellent idea, and easy to remember/toss out in chat. I guarantee that will come in handy this any weekend, thanks for taking the time and effort to put it together. +1
  10. Gah! Dammit, you made me spill my beer. That was hilarious, totally wasn't expecting that. +1
  11. So once it was all finished, what does a Valentine AT transform into?
  12. Classy, and glad to see it was taken in the spirit that was meant. It's nice to see someone want to help someone get better, better opponents and teammates = more fun. Nice work.
  13. Hmm. I seem to have come away with a very different initial impression. Haven't really played arty in awhile, decided to see what 8.6 felt like. Played two games with my 155 51, and came away thinking "hmm..feels like a buff. Might actually play this thing more." Haven't seen arty (other players, 51% WR or better) failing in pubs, either. GwP's seem to be as deadly as ever, T92's are still wtfpwning folks left and right, and the French series certainly feels fine. Granted, only about 25 games since patch, and I do have a 70% WR solopubbing in the 155 51, but sure doesn't seem like the sky has fallen on arty. Still pays to keep mobile, and duck.
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